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Picking up a weapon does not also retrieve the ammo for it
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When taking a weapon from another inventory, no ammo is taken. Functionality similar to ArmA 2 should be restored--taking a weapon should also take as much of the ammo as possible.


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Ensure that ammo is taken from all available inventories, i.e. taking ammo from the BDU and Rucksack when only viewing the vest inventory.

Additionally, add a gameplay option for automatically dropping unusable ammo. This function in ArmA 2 was double edged. It was nice to quickly empty my inventory when grabbing a new weapon, but was a pain when trying to carry extra ammo for a team mate e.g. MG belts or 40mm grenades for other team members.

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In limited ammo missions, e.g. 5 rifles 15 magazines, having a backpack would tend to deny the others ammunition.

In addition, with #104 fixed, right clicking them across should be easy enough.
(Does the field manual explain that you can right click? Haven't checked that section.)

Limit the inventory to the active one like just the vest, or just a defined number. It's mostly a personal preference, since the inventory system is no longer laggy and clunky like it was, so grabbing magazines is no longer a chore. However, finding the right ones can be tricky, perhaps highlight unusable ammo in yellow, and items that won't fit into any of your inventories in red?

I agree with Wallace that some sort of highlighting (ideally highlight all usable ammo for currently equipped weapons) or at least the option to re-enable the autograbbing would be helpful.
In large Weapon Boxes, getting a weapon is rather annoying now, and often I spend a considerable amount of time trying to find the correct ammunition for the weapon I have picked up, and often end up running into action with an unloaded weapon out of Arma 2 habit.

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I'd like it to stay the same because in ArmA 2 I usually wanted a different type of ammo than the default and I'd have to empty my gear and then pick up the new stuff.

Given that there is here no pressing need for auto collecting items, an auto collecting feature seem to me to be both wrong and detrimentral to the general gameplay that otherwise seem fitting to the context (inventory management and itemization vis a vis immersion).

All you have to do is Rearm on their corpse.

I'm with Replikant, I hope that all usable ammo for the weapons I carry will be highlighted, otherwise I will spend ages searching for the correct ones. It would also be nice to have the option to switch on auto-equipping of ammo if desired by the player/mission designer.

@replikant: selecting (left click) your primary or secondary weapon in inventory will highlight relevant ammo for it.

Disagree, ammo should be picked up manually.

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Dupe of #2053