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Input delay
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High input lag with FPS less than 50, severe at less than 40. Vsync off. GPU_MaxFramesAhead=0; reduces the latency, but still severe.


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When flying the helis sometimes I get no response to firing input at all.

Same here, and in ground vehicles as well.

No input lag here.
You may want to check your drivers and or framerate issue related stuffs !

What do yuo mean exactly with input lag?

As in, moving the mouse or pressing a button, and there is a 200ms delay before you get a response in game. Makes aiming really difficult.

I am having this problem too. All my inputs are delayed severely. I have a high end system so that should not be the problem. I thought maybe that the developer was trying to compensate for weapon weight but it is really annoying to get on target.

This will reduce it somewhat: Go to the Arma 3 alpha folder in documents, and open arma3alpha.cfg set the GPU_MaxFramesAhead= and GPU_DetectedFramesAhead= both to 0 or 1. Same solution in Arma 2, same cause. Default for some reason is "1000" which is absurd

I can confirm that your steps fix the problem for A2, however it seems not everyone is having this problem (me for instance.. i don't have input delay at all and i'm running maxed our except for antialiasing filter).

So,yeah that's a fix but we should somehow pinpoint the cause of the problem in user's hardware ?

I'm running on i7 @3.6Ghz (stock), 12GB corsair vengeance ram DDR3 and Sapphire HD7950 (3GB), with the following parameters in the launch options:

-nosplash -nopause -nofilepatching -cpucount=4 -exthreads=7 -maxmem=10240 -maxvram=3072

-cpucount and -exthreads are related (4 cores = 7 threads), maxmem is for 10GB Ram and maxvram is forcing to use all 3GB on my vga.
IIRC, i read somewhere that the game's engine is limited (by default) at 2GB RAM and VRAM, and only 2Cores.

Can someone who is having the input lag issue test by adding the parameters above and see if it fixes ? (ofcourse with the correct values!!!!)

I have the same problem. Its the same problem as was reported over and over in Arma 2. I had really hoped you would have fixed it now. If you fail to fix it this time, I can guarantee your game will go nowhere. The 1/2 second lag makes this game clunky and impossible to play, especially in fast CQB situations.

Actually this problem is new, I didn't have it before the last stable release... I noticed while shooting from helis... At first I thought my mouse had a problem, but then I noticed it's the game...

it seems to be really mixed for people. A2's lag was caused by its mouse dampening / acceleration / smoothing, which can all be disabled here, and in my case it is. These problems for me seem to be related to how much foliage is on the screen, regardless of framerate. 40 fps in the airfield, smooth as butter. But in woodland with 65fps, mouse lag out the ass. No AA either as I know that was a cause in A2 that made it worse with foliage.

It needs to be pointed out that GPU_MaxFramesAhead=0; is not the setting you want. According to Dwarden it equates to "default to driver value", meaning it has the same effect as 1000.

Try it with 1.

Thanks for the tip. I did see an marked improvement setting it to 0 though, but I'll see if I get better results at 1.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Ever since the beta update the problem has been much worse. I know there was a new folder and cfg file created, but this time around the FramesAhead settings aren't making any noticeable impact for me. Seems to be present, although minor, at 80+ frames. Substantially worse at 40ish

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Have you tried alt-tabbing once while in game? I get quite bad input lag before I alt-tab once, then it's fine until I restart the game.

Makes no noticeable impact for me.

Too bad, hope they fix it for you

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I too have experienced this, I would guess its related to the I/O thread being stuck waiting for something to occur elsewhere/not having priority, resulting in a delay in accepting/processing the players input commands.

The worse fps the worse input lag. I think it's worse than in Arma 2. In Arma 3 changing GPU_MaxFramesAhead and GPU_DetectedFramesAhead didn't have impact on anything but in Arma 2 it made noticeable difference in stuttering and mouse lag.
But this report sounds like bigger problem what I've noticed.

i'm interested in your monitor...not a TV right? i know it sounds stupid as most people know they need to run Game Mode, but still some don't...

...and since you gave absolutely no information (settings or rpt's, etc) I had to ask : )

personally i have no input lag, and i run on a Samsung TV 1080p in game mode, with a radeon 7870, average fps range 25-50 on ultra (really depends)

Old issue. Create a new ticket if it still happens.

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