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Objective marker hard to see
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The objective marker seems to be really hard to see, especially in a helicopter. It's white/silver appearance can make it almost invisible at times and a real pain when in the heat of combat. {F17065}


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I agree. I have to rotate around all the time to see marker first on the side of the screen as a big circle. This problem affects red markers too.

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The font size could be much bigger too.

I agree but the marker in ARMA 2 was difficult to see in certain situations. I can't think of a color that would cover all scenarios.

Maybe orange, would cover most situations, sun rise and sun set would be bad but night and midday would work, and it might stand out against the terrain the best.

reference flight sims.. .many have selectable so user can choose based on scenario, conditions etc..

Agreed, graphics are so much better that the marker just blends into the environment.

You can change that yourself in the options menu.

Options > Game Options > Colors

I feel you shouldn't need to go through and change settings if a majority of people are going to have issues with it, but that's just my personal opinion.

It should be ANY light color with dark outline, so you can see it no matter what the backdrop is.

"Options > Game Options > Colors". Thanks. I'll make sure to try just that.

Excuse me. How do I unsubscribe from updates on this bug report?

Click "End Monitoring" above near top. If it says "Monitoring", click it, then click "End Monitoring". That may work.

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They already made it possible to change your colors around (which is awesome) so just give that a try if you feel that the white is too hard to see.

Changing colours in the options menu works with some markers (for example the crosshairs) but others, such as a waypoint created in the map by the player with [Shift] + [LMB] always appear in hardly visible white.

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I got my markers and other stuff yellow. Very easy to see. Go to the main menu, options, game, colors.

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Maybe if the marker was in 2 colors? White outlines and gray center, or vice versa?

The default-white Objective Marker in the 3D-view frequently gets lost in the background of the island scenery, white ground-color, waves, clouds etc. Outlining the marker might help a little, but the real fix is a color change to a high-luminance value different from the scenery. In the case of the Stratis scenery, bright YELLOW is the best choice..... but even better.. allow the player to define the color and brightness.

However, there is a problem in the ARMA3 Alpha. The InGame color choices are severely block-restricted... the Objective Marker is lumped into a single "Active Markers" color-group so that if you want to change the Objective Marker color to, say, Yellow , then for example the 'Normal' Status of the Helicopter condition flags (White) is also changed to Yellow, and the weapon cross-hair is also changed to yellow.

The Objective Marker issue is really a symptom of a bigger (but pretty easy to fix) problem in the UI Color Selections. The InGame "Active Markers" color group needs to be broken out into its logical subgroups.. status flags, aiming reticules, objective markers.. etc... with optional user-control of each subgroup color. The default for all can initially be white, of course.

Thales added a subscriber: Thales.May 7 2016, 11:04 AM

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

+1, the waypoint hud marker is in most cases not really visible.

Plus it fades when player look at it, making it hard for player where multiple markers are used

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It seems to be the issue that a feature has been implemented where the marker fades as the player looks directly at an objective. This is a nice feature, but it is REALLY not obvious to the player. I can understand the desire for less markers etc on the hud, but it really needs to be an option. Bright white with black outline would look fine in this case.

It's been over a year since Thales' reply and this is still a HUGE issue for me...

Are we possibly getting the option to change the [Shift]+LMB Waypoint marker sometime in the NEXT year? This doesn't really seem like something that would take more than 20 minutes to add...

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C'mon BI ... it's not a rewrite of the game engine.

The shift+click icon still does NOT change with any color changes in the settings menu, and remains frustratingly faint-grey, and extremely hard to find in time-sensitive situations.

This has been a problem since Arma 2 with still no solutions anywhere.

Please, at least tell us if we can change the hex code in the game files somewhere. This is a constant annoyance to just about everyone, and it would take so very, very little to change (or allow us to change) the color value for this oft-used HUD item.