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Selector switch position should change to reflect the state of the weapon.
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On weapons that have a visible selector switch (safety), the position of the switch should change when you switch between semi- and full-auto. Additionally, it should be set to "safe" when you select an underslung weapon, such as a grenade launcher. {F17062}


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Equip a rifle, find the selector switch, and watch it as you change fire modes.

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This is a minor issue. The game is still in alpha and I think we should resolve all the performance issues people are having before asthetics.

Idea: Postpone for beta /late alpha because its a visible Think and not Game necessary but it should be done!

Yeah but that should read severity; trivial

Trivial - if you are close enough to see the enemies selector switch, you'll be dead shortly after.

If you run around looking at friendlies and check their weapons out to see what mode they're on, the gunny 'll steam off and send ya right back to the boot camp :)


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Yes, I think this visible "problem" should be resolve in future. But not now.

Funny how many people think they get paid to determine the priority of an issue.

YES YES YES YES YES add this !

Agreed. It was understandable in previous games why they didn't do it, but in ARMA 3, it should be in it.

Kind of off-putting when you're blazing away on full-auto and see that your firing selector is on "SAFE" or "SEMI".

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I think this would be a great (yet minor) enhancement. BIS are one of the best in the world when it comes to attention to detail so I would not be surprised if this is addressed before launch. I mean if you got from safe mode to weapon-up the trigger finger even alternates between on and off-trigger. However, I purposefully came here to create the ticket before I found this one so... upvote.

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Highly unlikely to see an animation for th switch, but at least a sound cue would be welcome. A small tilt also:!

Aeleas do you think you could add to your ticket a request for some type of feedback when toggling fire modes? Something along the lines of a minor animation "twitch" and audio feedback?

I completely agree with this ticket, but think it should be taken the step further and complete the package. There should be some minor animation for toggling states accompanied with sound.


sproyd added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 9:16 PM

For those saying that it is "highly unlikely" the FHQ M4 pack mod does it so it can't be that difficult. We don't have to see the thumb triggering the selector switch but just having the switch at the right setting would be nice as well as on Safe when the weapon is down and unit is in "Safe" mode.

sproyd added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 9:17 PM

In regards to having a minor animation I think that is unnecessary, as you toggle it with your thumb IRL. Further, selector switches often don't make a very audible sound.

For the record, the FHQ M4 pack does it by using an animation source present on the guns. The anim source changes value according to the fire mode. So the engine already has all the prerequisites necessary

An animation should also play of the player's fingers operating the firing selector, see the first "Crysis" game (from 2007) as a perfect example of this.

This has been implemented (for most weapons) in the latest dev build. :)

Gonna have to check out.

Now should be OK...

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