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[SUGGESTION] Open weapons as containers to grab attachments
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We can open containers such as packs and vests on dead bodies to grab ammo and items inside, why not make the same with weapons so we can grab just the attachments?

It'll be a lot easier rather than equipping the weapon, taking the optics etc off, then taking back your own rifle


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Just a suggestion

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Also to take loaded ammo from the rifle would be a great feature

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This would be a nice update, since it does get a little clunky having to bring their weapon over, drop the attachment to your gear, bring your weapon back over, detach the gear, then attach the new gear. If we can drag our attachments into the enemy inventory right from the start, why can't we do it vice versa? +1 to this.

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Yes, upvoted. Something that lets you take attachments off rifles on the ground without dropping your current weapon and having to pick up the ammo afterwards.

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The new inventory is really nice, im still getting used to it but it definitely needs a few tweaks like this one.

You took the words out of my mouth .Either this or show all attachment in a sub group when viewing weapons. it is annoying having to drop weapon and all your ammo to get attachments.

gonza added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 6:02 PM

agree, really boring to take an optic or a suppressor from a dead body

Wow Brilliant idea!!! Needs this desperately.

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id like too to be able to take out things from dead people vests instead of having to put it in and taking them off

I think in real life you should anyway take the weapon in your hands before you can detach any of the attachments

bez added a comment.Jun 8 2013, 3:53 PM

In 6862 I suggested this:

Or this:

I think this would also solve what this ticket is about, of course it can be improved, it's just a general idea.
What do you people think?

Voted Up!

Would make so much sense if that was possible.

Dunno how old this is but you can now grab sights off of fallen weapons, but you cant grab them from a rifle in a container,

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What this ticket is about is taking attachments from guns without taking the gun.

Dr.Death... mightve seen you on Altis Life. Anyway I know that and im saying that you can do that. Long as its on the ground you can double click on the rifle and it opens its attachments

However you cant do this for a rifle in a crate or vehicle.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Dec 16 2015, 9:40 PM

Impossible. Must have been someone else because i dont go to Altis life. I like to keep ArmA a WAR Game.

XD Yeah I got a bit tired of it, they dont even keep it actual roleplay, just make others do it. I literally am banned from AltisLife.UK for helping a couple of corrupt bounty hunters rack up 200k each between 4 of us by robbing another guy and vice versa. HOW we racked up the bounty was a bit out of roleplay but so is the system that you get a bounty with, you just get instantly reported apparently. That and that server will permanently ban you for both killing a police officer and/or taking an officers vest. I actually nabbed one off a police car once. Some cop was being a dick to some rebels (who killed me later) I had paid for an old uniform one didnt want.

Just goes to show even the supposed "serious roleplay community" cant keep it up. I myself really enjoy Exile. I get to loot all the time, kill the occasional dickhead and give some gear and/or tabs to newbies, teach em a bit about Arma 3 and all that. Nice way to end a day.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Dec 17 2015, 2:57 AM

So basically in a RP server, you get banned from it by RPing as a bad guy? what?

Yep, and Rebels, the "bad guys" wander around in broad daylight. Most RP it gets is they butt heads with the cops by doing shit that isnt technically illegal, like the same group of rebels held up the pub for quite a while, harassed a passing bounty hunter until he left since there was nothing he could do.

Its the stupidest shit but its the most popular. Only good thing about it is its interface and all is well designed, everythings organised and tidy like a CCG server usually is but just as eh to me.

This feature is in the game by now. Just so you know the feedback tracker is not a forum, you're just bumping old tickets with your irrelevant chit chat.

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Already implemented. Can be marked as resolved.