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Helicopters cant taxi
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The helicopters have wheels but are not able to taxi.
One should be able to land on the runway and then taxi to a parking bay but the helicopter seems to lack this ability to move on the ground.


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EDIT CSR Kryssar:
KA-60 wheels seems to be just graphic and doesn'n reacting with ground

  • no spinning
  • shock strut based effects seems to be based not on the possible contact with ground but simply on height of the chopper.

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helicopters don't normally taxi while touching the ground in real either, im not even sure if they can

If I recall right, their wheels have no motor and are towed around.

I first downvoted but wasn't sure. After watching this video I think they actually can taxi!

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The wheels are there mostly for suspension while landing, but I could be wrong.

Guys, if you have no idea what you're talking about, just leave it.

Choppers actually do taxi. Those without wheels do a hovering taxi and those with wheels simply taxi on their wheels. No extra engine needed for the wheels.)

Why do they taxi? Because they have special designated takeoff-/landing-zones as well as planes. It's simply a matter of organization and not having birds colliding.

Also chopers sometimes while overloaded perform taxi start (I don't know how it's called), but when there is too heavy load they do roll start like taxiing until reach proper start speed and then fly off. Later I'll post two apaches doing it.

Helicopters with wheels can taxi, if you play DCS: Blackshark, the best actual helicopter simulator, you con see the Ka-50 can taxi.
The impuls of the main rotor can push the helicopter in ground. The helicopters have two tipus of taxi in ground, touching the terrain, and in a low taxi height, using the air mattress is formed by ground bounce air blown by the blades to the ground.

Off course helicopters can taxi in the ground.
DCS: Blackshark Taxi start at minut 5:20 Taxi start at minut 1:05

Real helicopters second 26

I saw a Sikorsky land on the runway (just like a plane) and taxiing yesterday when I drove past my local airport. So yes - it would be a cool feature in Arma III.

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Of course helicopters taxi, they do this specially when there very heavy and in very hot days to not overload the engine or overheat it.

This also could give the possibility to land like planes which the also do.

I would love to be able to taxi, and yes they do taxi, I work around cormorants, they do running take-offs which doesn't burden the aircraft as much as a hover take-off during heavy loads and hotter temperatures. Its overall a better practice in my opinion. I would greatly like this, allows me to land in a more open environment and bring my vehicle to a stop in a better location, great for management of aircraft at an airfield. Please make this possible, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out on how to implement.

Rolling take off and landings would be a very nice feature to have, after playing TKOH it's just not the same to be in a wheeled helo, quite dissapointing by comparison but I hope this is simple due to the only helo with wheels being from an Arma 2 DLC and thus not fully configured for this version of the game.

I would love to see helos can taxi in Arma 3 and they really do taxi before taxioff even in warzones. This is mainly because of the matter of airspace clearance. In most situation, they may taxi to a runway or a specified point before taking off. However, some cases like medevac will allow choppers to land directly on a helipad and unload the patient, then they have to take-off again and land on a runway and taxi back to their pad. Some of you have mention about the heavy weight requires a chopper to do so. Some pilots will did do that when their choppers are overweighted but in most circumstances they are not allowed to do so because it certainly damage the engine.

If you dont believe chopper will taxi, go to youtube and type in "inside combat resuce", its about the Medevac crews and PJs in Afghan, a great series and a lot of scenes on Pavehawks taxing

LMAO. Ofcourse helicopters taxi!

You really should look at BI forums Confirmed features. Flight model that is now in Arma 3 Alpha is only temporary. They're gonna use the Take on Helicopters flight model for later versions.

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lol apaches taxi alot, alot of helicopters with wheels taxi especially in the military the military loves to make things taxi, but seriously they do

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You also need the turning wheels for so called "RUNNING LANDING"...
This maneuver is used to transition from forward flight to a landing on the surface when there may not be sufficient power available to sustain a hover. This might occur if the helicopter is underpowered, is at high gross weight, or high density altitude.

Which leads us to another issue: The non-wheeled helicopters cannot slide on the ground, which is quite annoying. Whenever you are doing some kind of emergency landing with light to mid forward movement, as soon as you touch the ground the helo behaves like you have thrown out an anchor.

helicopters with wheels taxi all the time people

+10000 @SmallBlackSheep

Blackhawks use to taxi to runways all the time and more generally all "wheeled" choppers.

Every helicopter taxies, helicopters with skids also. There are different kinds of taxiing. Groundtaxi, hovertaxi and airtaxi.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Thanks Kryssar.
If i can, i'd suggest a possible way to implement this (if it will ever be):

with engines ON and on the ground (with KA60 and other choppers with wheels) make it so using the cyclic forward/backward makes you move forward / brake-revers.

Kid18120 that's unrealistic and arcarde as hell.

Helicopters with wheels can taxi and it's already possible in Take on Helikopters so it should just be an issue of getting the config of the KA-60 adjusted and expanded by the new functions. It would definitely be a very nice and needed feature!

Due to the height above sea level at camp Bastion in Afghanistan it is required, in order to get enough lift for takeoff in a helicopter to gain speed by using a small runway to takeoff. Just by upping the collective it does not generate enough lift to get the helicopter into the air, therefore with a small amount of forward pitch to the blades it gains forward speed on the ground and accelerates forwards, increasing the lift and enabling takeoff.

I think that this should be implemented for the KA-60 and all future wheeled helicopters, along with the ability to turn wheel brakes on, to stop rolling.

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@banshee: what's so unrealistic about this? That's how helicopters taxi. They use the cyclic to tilt the rotor forward (and the anti-torque tail rotor for turning). The wheels are un-powered.

@simast: That's not what he wrote. He said: With running engines you'll roll forward/backward when you move the collective. In reality you'd also need to apply torque to increase forward movement and actually get rolling. Just having to use the collective feels/behaves like driving a car.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but a rolling taxi backwards is not really possible in e.g. a Blackhawk, let alone dangerous.

Probably would be dangerous due the fact you can't see behind you.

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As attested by many, wheeled helicopters taxi routinely and often extensively.

Rolling take-off and landing is used when operating near all up weight.

Non-wheeled helicopters hover taxi and can slide or skid on suitable surfaces.

Ground taxiing is achieved by use of collective thrust directed with forward pitch to provide translational lift for motion. Directional control is provided by tail rotor thrust and either castoring wheel(s), or nose wheel steering if equipped.

Helicopter main rotor shaft axis tends to be tilted a few degrees forward of vertical, to optimise transmission loading in normal flight and reduce downward tilt of the fuselage.

As a consequence, application of backward pitch is difficult, if not dangerous or impossible on the ground. Spot turns tend to replace the loss of reverse movement.

In the hover, the fuselage tends to take a backwards tilt with the tail rotor nearer the ground. Application of excess backward pitch leads to instability, loss of visual ground reference and increased chance of tail strike, or in extreme cases, main blade strike with the tail structure. Hence it is not a practice taken lightly, if at all.

@ Devilsmercenary: Cormorants? Been around their Merlin cousins for years, big beasts eh?

Also the wheels are indestructible in contrary to any ground vehicle, here's the related issue:

ok, even if they can't taxi, still there is the problem, when you land a bit harder, you will get stuck and destroyed

Stumbled across this and thought it was another great example of how taxi'ing can be REALLY helpful...aside from taking off, landing as well.

It takes place in a simulator but could just as easily be a real world scenario. The helicopter loses its tail rotor and must maintain a high speed so the torque does not induce wild spinning.

As such a hovering landing is out of the question, the only way to safely land is to maintain speed on approach then land like a fixed wing. Landing begins at 6:21

I can sort of understand TKOH's flight model being in the game but not being able to taxi? Seriously?

Yea, I have had many times were tail rotor loss has made this type of landing the best way to go but, it still isn't implemented, though recent devs builds show the ch-49 doing something like landing with wheels but no taxiing yet.

This ticket should include the static landing gear on the ah9 and mh9 being able to slide realistically.

upvoted. flight has definitely been improved (cheers) and I just landed the MohawkMerlin like a plane, but being stuck in the middle of the runway without lifting off to RTH is a bit bothersome.

With the fixed wing aircraft classes working wheels, the devs could apply that to the applicable helicopters to taxi.

What the issues for implementing this for helicopters as the functionality already exists for fixed wing aircraft as seen with the new Greyhawk?

Do they now have functional brakes? Or do you still land with the parking brake applied? Or is it like Arma 2 with no brakes at all?

Solution: Rework a bit code for helis, need to check if on ground - drive as car (eventHanlders help you) by WASD, if hold Q or Z(check state/heigh/speed) change behavior for heli

Move helo's that have wheels can taxi and they are mostly towed out of the hanger but once they spool up they can taxi to where ATC want them to be for take off

Hangars would be so much more fun if Helicopters cam park in them and not blow up. Because of main rotor.

Generally speaking they taxi the ground/runway and then a vehicle comes to tow them into the hangar, you never taxi an aircraft into a hangar, thats just begging for an FOD storm.

Upvoted, this is a very much needed feature that was dismissed in all previous titles...I really hope BIS will take care about this this time and make it real..In Take on Helicopters Helo taxiing is possible...why not in ArmA3??...this makes no sense at all

I'm certain now that the taxi'ing in TKOH was made possible by rotorlib, based on the entry here titled "SteeringController" referencing rotating wheels.

So basicly..not going to happen unless they add rotorlib.

This issue has been resolved in the up-coming Helicopters DLC, which allows you to toggle wheel-brakes on helicopters. You may then use light rotor power to 'taxi' the helicopter.

feature request though: being able to taxi with "normal" flight model :-)

tomeek added a subscriber: tomeek.May 7 2016, 10:58 AM

All right, we got this in Heli DLC AFM but I think that this taxi implementation is very lazy from the BIS part because the helicopters are not rolling on their wheels, they are hovering at a very small altitude. And a brake under action menu and not under a key? Are you kidding me?

you can get this with keys, RCtrl+L IIRC - it's up to you to reassign though.

OK I didn't knew that. But there should be two kinds of brakes. Normal ones and a parking brake. Normal brake should be independent and separated from the throttle input.

nunya added a subscriber: nunya.May 22 2017, 4:41 PM

is there a reason that jets can taxi but a helicopter can't? It is absurd and needs to be fixed