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Inventory editor for soldiers in the editor
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I had hoped that the inventory system would also apply in the editor when deploying infantry. So I could choose uniforms and weapons configuration on my own hand. with drag and drop instead of having to script everything as in ARMA 2. I'd like to see it in the full release.


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I think that was a possible feature in the final game...but I cant find it anymore.

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I hated having to script weapons for myself every time I wanted something different I just put them into boxes but it would be nice to choose your setup in profile or something

woops I kind of made the same type of ticket :(

so what does reviewed actually mean? they have looked at it and thinking about it or what?

sorry its early Monday morning

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Hmm, my issue on this (which was, sadly, a duplicate) garnered 54 votes - it's a shame that now those votes will not be added onto this vote count.

For reference:

we need votes people :(

To be honest I'm not sure if I should vote up or down... So I won't vote at all...

This because I don't think that you should be able to customize units from within the editor. The reason is that if you use addons which change the Gear UI (like ACE did in ArmA2) you'll get problems when in-game due the differences.

Also, like in the past, not all mods follow the "rules" for adding new content, which might cause problems in your mission.
It would require to much coding rules and extra lines of code to even create a simple addon, while currently it's a little bit more forgiving.

I therefor suggest to stick with the current methods with loadout scripts, which never failed before and are usually more versatile then the default scripts. Not to mention; it's not that hard too use ;)

not all people know or have the time to constantly input scripts to change the soldiers kit.

this would be more user friendly which bis said arma3 will be more user friendly.

so people who are new to arma 3 get to use this feature without having to learn pages and pages of scripting as it does get very confusing.

as I have owned all the series from OFP to arma 3 alpha and I only know little scripts and that's what 10ish years!

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Custom loadouts with all the new attachments are annoying to manually customize, more then it already was. It is a long time needed feature. Also add an option to fill up custom ammo/weapon boxes and vehicle loadouts.


Good idea!

Truly hope this feature is implemented.

hopefully it will be assigned soon all we need is votes, votes, votes :)

c'mon people - vote ;)

Obviously I voted up. This kind of feature will be precious just like a soldier stance selector

BIS please assign this awesome feature and then we can all make different people :)

This really does need to get into the game, because if, not there would not be much of a change to the Arma 3 Editor.

Le vote up.

mmm actually this has been answered here:

This can be closed.