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The camera is not tied to rolling when aiming
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When you are prone, aim down the sights and press Q or E to roll the camera just moves left or right with your hands rotating around it.

Rolling is always a bit disorienting in real life too, but in ArmA3 the issue causes the view to be incredibly stable and you can easily keep a, for example, moving enemy within your sights which gives you an unfair disadvantage versus his view since he's moving.

Movement view and perception however is much more stable than when rolling but in Arma3 it's the opposite.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to prone
  2. Aim down sight(not scope)
  3. Roll left/right
  4. Watch the animation

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Confirmed. Only occurs when ADS'ing.

Arma 2 had this exact feature, maybe the animation isn't ready yet?

Repro steps and dev assignment merged from lower voted dupe #333.

Merging "acknowledged" status from #33.

why cant people use tags? i never find stuff and then i get mine closed...

Seems to be fixed in the recent dev build

Confirmed. Rolling cancels aiming in the latest dev build.

In that case, this should be considered resolved. :)

Mass close.