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Choppy anims while walking and shooting a full auto weapon
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While in the normal moving speed, AND NOT scoping, if your gun is set to full auto and you are trying to shoot, the character is chaotic with the gun. the gun is constantly being put to the side and then shouldered again, many times a second (it seems to be every footstep is a down the shoulder movement) and when the gun is being raised only then are a few shots fired. (never accurate either, always at the ground where the muzzle is DURING the shouldering process). This requires NO movement when in the low crouch position in order to fire.


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  1. set rifle to FULL AUTO
  2. start walking forward (not tactical walk)
  3. DO NOT SCOPE (results is same in 1st or 3rd person)
  4. hold the fire button (left mouse)
  5. watch the chaos unfold as the character quickly shoulders and un-shoulders the rifle, firing every once in a while on the way TO shoulder.
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While shooting from the fast pace, the character should switch to the slow pace until he stops shooting, and then resume the fast pace.

I disagree Spruten. There could come situations where you want to move fast, but lay down suppressing fire. That's my opinion anyways.

i agree with exploitedyouth.... but either way it needs fixing because as is its just NOT playable to move and shoot

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agreed! In real life, when geared up and handling my rifle, i have no issues moving fast and coming to a halt to acquire and shoot. should be the same in game

Cannot repro...I don't see anything strange when following your instructions; I'm sure it's not precise but you're shooting with "muscle memory" to some approximate spot - what do you expect?

Can you make a video where you annotate what's wrong in your opinion?

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Confirmed. But the "Steps To Reproduce" are wrong.

Combat pace needs to be OFF to reproduce this!

  1. Equip any full-auto gun
  2. Press and hold "Move forward" (default key: W)
  3. Press and hold "Fire" (default key: Left Mouse Button)

I think this is related to:

PS: I agree with Spruten, movement speed should switch to combat pace while firing.

Yeah, I see why I couldn't repro it, instructions of original ticket state exactly the opposite, of what we should do. The moving pace is "normal walk". Fixed the repro steps.

Actually caused by #2791. Seeing that people mostly agree with this behavior, the bottom line would be: "DON'T DO IT!" :-)

But I agree it looks funny and feels unnatural; probably some tweaking should be done so it doesn't completely stop but drops the player automatically to tactical walk or similar.

Confirmed, please fix.

I hate advertising my ticket but the only reason I do in tickets like this is because I suggest tweaks to the system that highlights these sorts of problems and could potentially eliminate confusion over how the player controls.


@Fireball: "probably some tweaking should be done so it doesn't completely stop but drops the player automatically to tactical walk or similar."

  • I think this is all players are suggesting in regards to this issue and similar. It seems the most logical and fluid thing to do. More on this can be found in my ticket.

In 0.55.103923 this is fixed by allowing to fire regardless of stance, but one thing was overlooked, the bug is still present while sprinting!

Also, I think that there is no need to simulate recoil during this kind of discharge, because the character clearly isn't aiming using sights and the point of reference isn't influnecded by the rifle jump.

They forgot the sprint.

Solution: decrease speed, switch to walk when shooting...

Vespa added a comment.Jun 4 2013, 10:58 AM

So, the new behaviour is:

1.) with Arma3 default key preset
if you press LMB while runnign, nothing happens

2.) with Arma3 Alternative key preset
if you press LMB while running, you are switched to combat pace temporarily, allowing you to fire your weapon

also if you have custom key mapping, you can associate "Combat Pace 3sec." with LMB - in options - controls - infantry movement

Mass close.