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Make compass size independent of UI size.
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When playing on high resolutions and having the UI on a small or minimal size (because the text is really okay at those settings at high resolution) the compass is smaller and unreadable (like it was behaving in arma 2)


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Agreed, the UI is too big even on small but the compass is tiny and unusable.

I need glasses for my glasses! :D
Please change this...

Because of this, the compass has always been useless to me for calling out bearings. Now, I see the same thing in A3. I hope this is addressed

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Please fix this, dont make the compass bigger, make the bearings easier to read. I play at 1920x1080 res and I find myself staring at 10cm from the monitor trying to read the bearings, and most of the time I can't.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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This was fixed long time ago, compass and watch are now large enough and fixed in size.

This was fixed long time ago, compass and watch are now large enough and fixed in size.

Mass close.