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Too much ambient light from muzzle flash when using suppressor at night.
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Suppressed muzzle flash is casting too much ambient light around the player at night.

The muzzle flash visual does change to show a smaller muzzle flash (though still too large and bright imo), but the ambient light cast around the player is unchanged by the suppressor. {F16946} {F16947} {F16948} {F16949}


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Attach 6.5mm suppressor (found in support ammo box) to any compatible 6.5mm weapon and fire at night.

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Changes to HDR and dynamic light settings had no effect.

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Updated this with pics to show that while the muzzle flash has changed for the better the ambient light cast on the weapon, shooter and immediate surroundings is still unchanged between suppressed and un-suppressed.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

I think this would require some sort of fireLightIntensity modifier/override to be placed in MuzzleItem type attachments, similar to the initSpeed, hit and sound modifiers that overwrite/modify the original weapon characteristics when equipping a suppressor.

Currently though I think all weapons have firelightintensity = 0.012; inherited from the 'Default' class, with no modification in sub-classes up to the in-game weapons - This would imply that BIS are yet to tweak firelightintensity values for weapons, since they all use the same value whether they are an MG, a Rifle or a pistol.

Added two more screens to better/further show this effect, especially when using night vision. I think this should be a higher priority as it pretty much kills stealthy gunplay at night.

Plz don't let this make it to release, notice that this ticket was made 1 day after initial alpha release :(

Still true - dev rev. 113343

Said to be fixed in current devbranch.

Yes it is fixed but there is new small issue - when you unmount the suppressor then weapon once flashes

not sure if its a engine limit or a bug

what do you mean by "once flashes"?

Well i mean when you unmount the suppressor then you can see the flash for a 1 sec and then it disappear

try it at night and you will notice it

Confirmed, it's as if the suppressor remembers that it was fired and lets it go when removed.

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Make a new ticket. This probably wont be looked at again.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.