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Can't properly map Controller/Joystick
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More support need to be given to controllers:

1: Allow double tap bindings on controllers
2: Triggers (axis) can be bound to fire but won't actually fire
3: Cant bind menu functions to controller
4: Bindings so controller thumbsticks can be used to navigate map and place markers
5: Can't bind joystick buttons >16 {F16937}


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gonk added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 10:24 AM

Also can not map joystick keys higher than 16. Please more keys.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Saitek X52 Pro here and the additional buttons beyond the basic joystick buttons cannot be mapped.

The Saitek Profiling software conflicts with the game, likely due to Saiteks profiler drivers. And as such, additional buttons cannot be used.

Personally, I see no reason why the in game software shouldn't be able to detect the additional joystick buttons like most other games. Many other joysticks also use additional buttons and axis, aside from the basic joystick buttons and axis.

By the way, the generic Linux USB joystick kernel drivers handles all the additional joystick axis and buttons without any problems.

rogerx added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 9:47 AM

FYI: I'm still here and likely almost every Saitek joystick user desires this bug to be fixed. Other joystick models may also easily fall into this same dilemma having multiple buttons and axis.

This particular joystick manufacturer has software to remap buttons, but has long been known to cause operating system crashes for decades due their inserted USB driver for remapping keyboard keys to the joystick. Not to further mention, their software explicitly causes further significant problems with the ArmA game. (ie. Game and joystick software fights or conflicts with joystick for control. See Bug #1678 "Malfunctional collective axises (both analog and regular) with Saitek X52 Pro joystick")

This bug is also relevant, Bug #2483; "Aircraft lights and light key assignments"

Yep @rogerx ifgot the same issue. X52Pro just wont work. I mapped everything in game but yhea... its annoying.. I'd rather load up 1 profile with all mods configed to all types of vehicles.

Issue also occurs on Thustmaster Warthog Hotas Throttle

Using the latest Saitek X52 Pro Joystick & Rudder drivers from Saitek (not Microsoft drivers) and latest Saitek software, I have no problems with any game crashing or operating system freezing, except for the fact the game cannot detect my Saitek Programming software profile mapped buttons.

To be exact, the Configure/Controls menu does detect the Saitek profiling editor sending key events to the game, such as mapping "RIGHT CTRL + K" and "RIGHT CTRL + L" to a four way toggle not usually detected by the game alone, but the game reports I'm pressing "CTRL+K [Compass]" and "CTRL+L [Lights]" instead. (The Saitek Programming software does show the joystick hardware mapped to "Right and Left Ctrl" keys, so I'm baffled.

(Usually, should only have to map the game keys using the Saitek joystick profile editor and the game should detect the key presses.)

I dont understand it what you mean rogerx. Not because its bullshit more because my bad english + low knowledge about Saitek software. All i know is that when i map W to pushing the stick forward it doesnt work ingame ^^. What does work is mapping stuff ingame but yhea i have pinky and i want to use it.

If you have trouble reading this post, I suggest either getting somebody to translate as this post should help you understand your possible problem(s), or try contacting Saitek support and maybe they'll have somebody speaking your native language. I hope the below helps!

I see you're using a Saitek X52 Pro, under which O/S? (Although quite unnecessary to disclose as I suspect it's either Winodows 7 or 8, utilizing the same drivers and software builds. ;-)

I'm a pretty honest guy and must say, Saitek had a really good joystick called the X36/X36F which was an excellent well made product. Subsequent or later models seemed to maintain the similar quality of engineering but the quality of parts of their joystick, as well as quality of assembly became questionable.

(ie. My Saitek X45 wiring was easily pulled out. My X52 Pro LED lights flicker.)

The Saitek Software and Drivers has always caused blue screens and other application crashes within Microsoft Windows while a very similar open source application running under Linux called QJoyPad, which utilizes the stable Linux joystick drivers, contains zero problems under Linux.

Long story short, I suspect you either don't have the drivers installed for your USB port, or you need to use the Saitek NukeUSB to completely remove past drivers and reinstall the Saitek drivers. Or, the wiring of the device is broken. I think Saitek's NukeUSB is now included into their driver uninstall procedure, but I'm not sure.

Within the Saitek driver package is something called their Direct Input driver, which sits between the Windows kernel, Saitek Profile, and other applications; capturing joystick buttons and key pushes. If this specific driver is dysfunctional or installed on another USB port besides the one the joystick is plugged into, this driver needs to be reinstalled for the Saitek Profiling software to work. Also, the previous version of the Saitek drivers and Profiling software was broken with ARMA 3. The latest version released this month fixes many crashes, as well as likely ARMA 3 might have been fixed to coincide with the Saitek Direct Input drivers. (Previously, ARMA 3 and Saitek Profiling software fought with each other over reading the reading of the joystick input, causing crashes.)

Another excellent method of trouble shooting hardware problems, download and install a LiveCD of Fedora, or other Linux LiveCD. Type in a console,

modprobe joydev

jstest /dev/input/js0

(or jstest /dev/input/js1 ...)

If all your axis and buttons work at this point, your problem likely lies within the Windows USB or Saitek drivers. If the device still doesn't work, problem likely lies within the computer USB ports or joystick device.

Now if the Saitek driver does work under Windows, but the game is not responding to buttons assigned within the Saitek Profile Editor, you likely need to "Save as" and save the profile after each edit within the Profiler, "Clear Profile", and reselect your profile to turn the taskbar Saitek Profile icon green, and lastly reload the game. All this needs to be performed in order for the Saitek Profiler to function as expected! Forgetting one step, and you need to stop the game and perform all previously mentioned steps over.

Also, install the latest drivers and profiling software. The following are for Windows 7/8 64 bit platforms.

Windows 7/8 64 bit Saitek Drivers: "Saitek_X52Pro_Flight_Controller_7_0_27_13_x64_Drivers.exe"
Windows 7/8 64 bit Saitek Profiler Application: "Smart Technology 7_0_27_13 64Bit.exe"

Concerning the pinky switch, I prefer too to use it as a reveal target or lock target button/switch, but on the X52/X52PRO it is disabled when the clutch is enabled. The mouse scroll wheel on the throttle controller will not work unless clutch is enabled. Since we all know how important the mouse scroll wheel in ARMA is, sacrificing the pinky switch is best for now until Saitek gets their engineering correct.

For historical notes: The Saitek X52 Pro uses a Cypress Semiconductor Corp. enCoRe III chip; A 56-Pin MLF "CY7C64215-56L TXC" or "CY7C64215-56LFXC" or "CY7C64215-56LTXC" chip.

Sort of unrelated to this bug, but gives a little background info on the Saitek X52 devices for the Internet web searches. ;-)

I too have recently discovered that several buttons are unusable.
Here's to hoping they get it fixed.

Edit: By modifying the config file I was able to get buttons past 16 mapped.
Unfortunately they don't seem to work.
See uploaded image for reference.
I will mess around some more.

Syn added a subscriber: Syn.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM
Syn added a comment.May 8 2014, 4:49 AM

Same problem. Can't map these buttons, and the saitek profiler makes a mess when a profile is on. The pinkie switch shuts down, and the engine increase and decrease shortcuts, while working clearly on the assign button screen, do nothing in game, as well as the clutch button.

rogerx added a comment.May 8 2014, 7:25 AM

I don't touch the clutch setting, or I leave it at defaults. (Can't remember, I'm in Linux!)

I don't waste time trying to use the pinkie switch either. The only profiler switch I do use the the MODE switch. (ie. blue=fixed wing, yellow=not_used, red=helicopter profiles) Even then, I think the Saitek profiler is glitching and sometimes I catch the Saitek Profiling software switching between my two blue and red profiles.

Just calibrate the buttons that are detected by the ARMA 3 game, and then calibrate the buttons not used or detected by the game by using the Saitek Profiler.

Saitek X52 Pro:

My top left hat switch on the joystick, I have configured using the Saitek Profiler for the different targeting buttons for fixed wing versus helicopter targeting buttons. "Button A", or the button next to the FIRE button, I use for chaff/flare or counter measures. "Button B" I use for map view. "Button C" I think I have for toggling 3D view. Bottom three switches toggle chat channels and night vision/clock. The bottom hat button on the joystick is configured for POV (point of view or L/R/U/D view modes), until I bought into TrackIR. (TrackIR is excellent for flight simulations, and now finally refining using while walking on the ground. I find using 3D view essential when using TrackIR, and almost simulates real life viewing in a odd way!)

On the throttle controller, Chat (or PTT) button is on my throttle controller "Button E", and auto hover is "Button D". I don't think "Button i" is used. All other buttons are likely not used as they're not detected by the game, or not easily configured for use.

Pedals I don't use much at all, unless a certain flight path requires constant rudder for an extended period of time.

A few buttons I changed to yellow, such as chaff/flare, auto hover and the bottom lever for changing chat channels. The rest remain green. I never look at the controllers anyways. So as to the rational for colored LED lights seems futile, including the timers on the throttle MFD control.

Hope this helps. Oh, and make sure you have the latest Saitek drivers and software, as there were bugs in previous versions during the Summer of 2013!

Syn added a comment.May 8 2014, 6:08 PM

Which are the latest drivers and software? Where can i get them? Using the Saitek Profiler has brought me a lot of pain.

rogerx added a comment.May 9 2014, 3:55 AM

See my post on 2013-10-12 for latest versions, unless they've been recently updated. You need to select the drivers and profiler based on your joystick, and not the file names I mentioned. Those that I mentioned are for the Saitek X52 Pro.

Syn added a comment.May 24 2014, 9:57 PM

Still not working. I have the same problem with TOH, and was asked by support to post here about it.

I can map most of the buttons just fine, with the exception of the 2nd hat directional switch on the cyclic, and many buttons in the throttle. Clutch button (which is disables in the saitek driver), the other hat switch. If it switch to the profiler, the game recognizes de shortucts forced by the joystick, but dont take them into consideration when in the game. For example, I tried to program mode 1 as default, with the shortucts for throttle 1 and 2 to increase/decrease. The shortcuts are seen by TOH: When i click the switches in the assign button, the input works. However, when in game, nothing happens. Same with the throttle: Right Ctrl + K for release trim is recognised as Ctrl-K for the compass, and again, the shortcut doesnt work, except when i double click the joystick key? Weird stuff.

My driver and profiler version is

This is the thread in the forums:

Your big mistake, "I can map most of the buttons just fine..."

Since you can map most of the buttons, that means there's really no problem from a technical support perspective!

I have the Saitek X52 Pro and find I'm lucky if I can map half the buttons of this joystick when using ARMA 3, if that even. I haven't performed a button and axis count, but under the Linux Kernel USB driver (evdev) and Linux basic joystick utils, I find I can easily map every button and axis when under Linux!

Matter of fact, this is one reason why having a Linux compatible game version would be great. From memory when Battlefield 1942 was running under Wine on Linux, I likely found it was extremely easy to program the joystick. (Windows was always full of blue screen errors with the Saitek joystick drivers and programming software at that time.)

Your best bet, program what buttons you can within ARMA 3, including binding or using the analog throttle and analog brakes, etc. Use the Saitek Programming software for only those buttons which can additionally be easily programmed, which cannot be programmed from within ARMA 3. Leave the clutch alone or at defaults! The clutch is a useless toggle/button when using the joystick with ARMA 3, likely only causing headaches.

From my post on Bug #0010660, "Joystick Saitek X52 Pro not A3 compatible", the following binds the Flaps keys to the Joystick Up and Down Axis button using the Saitek Programming Software. (Don't forget to unload and reload the Saitek game profile before restarting the game each time after editing, for checking to if the button binding is working! Lots of fun. :-/ )

  1. Set the Throttle Controller axis within the Saitek Profiling software to a four way axis.
  2. For the up axis, right mouse button over the entry and select "New Advanced Command"

Throttle Hat = Flaps Up
Right CTRL L Right CTRL L
Right mouse button over the keys entered, and select Quantitize Time to 0.1 seconds. (NOTE: The series of keys should be entered orderly as they are above, and not mixed! Seems the "New Advanced Command" averts the above foremention game mixing up modifier keys, or the Saitek software isn't sending the correct key sequences.)

  1. For the down axis, right mouse button over the entry and select "New Advanced Command"

Throttle Hat = Flaps Down
Right CTRL K Right CTRL K
Right mouse button over the keys entered, and select Quantitize Time to 0.1 seconds. (NOTE: I first used 0.5 seconds, but the game failed to detect or receive some key presses. Feel free to experiement here and follow-up any clarification.)

  1. You can alternatively test the keys you just configured by clicking the gear button within the Saitek Profiling toolbar, but doesn't give very good text output. (Atypical Windows software.)
  1. Click "Save as" and save to your profile name. (Do not expect simply pressing "Save" to properly save the profile, as Saitek software tends to be buggy for some odd reason!)
  1. Clear the profile by right clicking the Saitek taskbar button and then reselect the profile you saved to, in order to load the newly saved profile.
  1. Start the game and test your buttons.

Upvoted. This can be done!

Come on! this is getting on my nerve!
This request has hunted me sinse arma 2. When are pilots going to get the same attention as the ground players?
At least let me keep my hands on the joystick by fixing this so i can map my 1 million buttons.

but seriously. this is a fully fledged war sim IF you are on ground with the millions of stances and all other overkill features. but as a serious arma pilot i want the simulation part as well. i especially dont want to search for my keyboard when oculus rift comes out.

can we atleast get some status update on this? or you are to busy making more useless shit like the gocart joke... maybe fucking dinosour mode!

Regarding not being able to use more than 16 buttons on a joystick -

With the rotorlib flight model currently on dev build there's a lot more need for extra buttons to be bound to a joystick and throttle, for instance, along side all preexisting binds I can not bind all the new manual flight trim axes I need which has 6 buttons alone (forward, backward, left, right, pedals left, pedals right)

It is very important now with the new flight model that this is addressed.

Please give this the attention it needs.

Upvoted. Especially with the new flight model, not being able to use my whole HOTAS is kind of a pain.

mewle added a subscriber: mewle.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM
mewle added a comment.Sep 18 2014, 8:24 PM

Just to bump this a bit. Using TM Hotas Cougar this limitation stops all throttle buttons and 2 of the joystick buttons being map-able so as above DInput buttons 1 - 16 are working but none above that.

In a game as complex as ArmA can be, this seems like a real glaring oversight.
I mean someone must've decided 16 DInput buttons was enough right?

rogerx added a comment.Oct 8 2014, 9:10 PM

I haven't programmed USB input devices or Keyboard key codings.

But do know as I previously stated, we do not see this limitation within the Linux world at all!

Might want to boot up a favorite Linux distribution Live CD and check to see if the TM Hotas Cougar buttons work fully under Linux. Don't be surprised if they do all work; and then wonder why within the Open Source world there is no limitation while within the closed sourced world there is this limitation!

jstest /dev/input/js0

(jstest is apart of the games-util/joystick package under Gentoo;

2014.10.08 19:09 UTC - Thanks oukej! I'll check this out later tonight as I'm already using the developer version.

oukej added a comment.Oct 8 2014, 2:48 PM

This should now be fixed in the Dev Branch.
Thanks for helping us improve the game and sorry for the delay on this one.

rogerx added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 4:35 AM

I was able to map the lights function to the Saitek X52 Pro throttle lower thumb button finally. However, sort of useless as one still has to use the mouse wheel menu to turn on and off the collision lights function.

I also noticed gear on helicopters is now retractable using the 'g' key. I couldn't test too much more on the public servers with the developer version as those server maps don't have any fixed wing aircraft. I'll have to test later on my own created maps within single player.

Whomever opened this bug needs to verify all of their problems are fixed!

Thanks for you time on this important bug!

Still buttons doesn't work (today is 11.11.2014 ;/)

camealeon: Joystick Maker/Model? Buttons that are not detected, with mentioning the related actions to be actuated by the buttons? (Without this information, your post might be ignored, but nor did I check all of my Saitek X52 Pro buttons to actions as previously noted.)

The one thing that does still stand-out, we still cannot map the collisions light's on/off switch to the joystick buttons.

ARMA 3 version 1.38 does not see Saitek X52 Pro button #39, the MFD Select button. ARMA 3 version 1.38 does see the button #32, or (Time) Function.

Both of these buttons, are considered one button, which uses a volume control knob for selecting additional modes. ARMA 3 additionally does not see the volume control knobs of buttons #32 and #39.

I was considering mapping the two buttons to some other functions, as the Saitek X52 Pro still lacks buttons for features.

Still no function mapping for Collision lights, for mapping to a joystick button. Collision lights could include flashing lights for vehicles, such as police or caution lights, and placed within the same category as the common headlights key. Should also be a spot light key, which could be mapped to high beams. (Shrugs.)

FYI: Via the development log:

Fixed: Support for sticks with 128 buttons

EXE rev. 129474 (game)
EXE rev. 129474 (launcher)
Size: ~324 MB

Untested here.

oukej added a comment.Feb 26 2015, 9:35 PM

Yes, Arma 3 should now support the maximum available buttons and axes the actual DirectInput offers.

Note that Saitek x52 requires the Windows Game Controller Options to be opened while playing the game, otherwise you won't be able to map the MFD buttons (This applies to any game I've came across. But maybe you know about a general solution or a workaround).

I believe this is now as "resolved" as it can be. Thank you for the cooperation on this one and for helping us make a better game!

For the Saitek X52 Pro joystick and my apparent testing just now, I do not need the Windows' 7 joystick control panel menu open to allow ARMA 3 to map the MFD buttons. This is for both, the current 1.38 version and the Arma3Update140RC. (I have never witnessed having the joystick control panel open, and having it fix any recognition problems, except from hearsay on these forums and possibly elsewhere.)

The only difference I do currently see between the two versions, I can now map the turn knobs (or axis) of buttons #32 and #39. Previously, only button #32 without the axis of the MFD was seen within version 1.38. Now, all buttons and axis of those two buttons; are now seen, recognized and configurable within the ARMA 3 Arma3Update140RC control configure menu.

I haven't spent any further time testing this specific issue, as I just finished downloading Arma3Update140RC for the past hour on my super duper fast ADSL. This is why many of you haven't seen me on the developer servers for awhile, as I was previously on Super Duper Uber much-faster and cheaper cable Internet provider.