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May 9 2016

HellGoNet added a comment to T59104: Can't properly map Controller/Joystick.

Come on! this is getting on my nerve!
This request has hunted me sinse arma 2. When are pilots going to get the same attention as the ground players?
At least let me keep my hands on the joystick by fixing this so i can map my 1 million buttons.

but seriously. this is a fully fledged war sim IF you are on ground with the millions of stances and all other overkill features. but as a serious arma pilot i want the simulation part as well. i especially dont want to search for my keyboard when oculus rift comes out.

can we atleast get some status update on this? or you are to busy making more useless shit like the gocart joke... maybe fucking dinosour mode!

May 9 2016, 6:39 PM · Arma 3