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Cannot slow boat with S key
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Boat will continue to coast forward despite attempting to slow it down or go in reverse.


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Assuming there's no reverse gear, how would you go about slowing a boat in real life? :)

^ Powersliding and throwing everyone overboard?

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For me S worked but its really slow (but correct).

I drive motorboats some years ago and its possible to use a reverse gear. But its really really slow. When you go 50km/h on water...the reverse gear works...a little bit :-)

The problem isn't at high speeds. It's at very low speeds, where reversing SHOULD have a noticeable effect.

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 10:45 AM

Combat boat 90 in Sweden can stop in seconds from 45 knots. The speedboats in ARMA3 takes a minute to stop and AIs crash into land thanks to it. They need more braking power.

A military vehicle should have enough power to stop fairly quick, and not as slow as they are now.

Its also frustrating that you do not hear the engine rev's and/or load effects when driving the speed boat. It just hums along the same at any speed.

As Alex72 sais, if its a waterjetdriven boat (that i hope it is - future and all) it should be able to do a crashstop as the stridsbåt 90. ...a preview :)

many boats in real life have a reverse gear and for the sake of the game it would be very helpful

yes, look under the boat and you will see that the possibility to reverse thrust should be there. So it should be able to crashstop.
It would be nice if we could brake gently with s, but also crashstop, with the handbrake key.

Time: 1:53 & 2:42

Video shown above. Just posting again. Every boat ive been on in my life could stop fast. Not as fast as the military combat boat 90, but fast.

I think the speedboats in ARMA3 just aren't finished yet. :)

Blake added a subscriber: Blake.May 7 2016, 10:45 AM

I agree, many military boats have crash stop feature. This should be menu option however if possible and make normal reverse stop possible (which is also way quicker IRL than in ArmA 3).

Let me also add that when you switch engine off the resistance from water should also stop the boat pretty quickly, now in it seems to drift way too long.

sarlac added a subscriber: sarlac.May 7 2016, 10:45 AM

new max speed for the speedboat is 68kph? That's not very speedy now is it?

oukej added a comment.Jun 30 2013, 2:40 PM

Thank you for your feedback.

This has been improved altogether with overall increased speedboat maneuverability. Stay tuned, I'm sure it will appear soon in the Dev build ;)

oukej added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 12:55 PM

Now in dev. build.

Mass close.