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Head Shot Hit Box
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While using the Bluefor marksman's main weapon scoped unable to achieve head shot on Opfor sentry group at range of <50. (Was definitely not missing shot taken in prone position) {F16896}


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Editor mission main town by harbor. Shot taken from near park to small shed by harbour wall. Tried 3-4 times reloading mission and same problem occurred.

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Did you have your crosshairs exactly on the head? If so they you would certainly miss at 50m. Rifles are mostly zeroed at around 300m IRL and in Arma. If closer then that, you have to AIM DOWN. This is realistic ballistics. Welcome to ARMA.

Not true. All scopes seem to be zeroed for point blank range it seems, I never have to use hold-under, only over. And that only past 400m.

The scope is zeroed in at 300m. The game's GUI even tells you. If you have the dot exactly on the head, then the bullet will fly right over his head.

Im 100% sure that 300m is for the grenadelauncher - at least whe i use a gun with scope and no grenadelauncher, I dont see a 300m mark and cant use zeroing...

Press pageup or down and watch the sights adjust on the grenadelauncher, as well as the "300m" changing.

And i do headshot over 100m with the dot on target.

The only shot that misses is when the gun swayed too far left or right, but the scopes are dead-on, from 50m up to 400m you cant do 1-shot kills without using the "mil-lines" to compensate drop - done only on EBR and MXM though.

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If it's anything like ArmA 2 - and it is - they're zeroed at about 300m (it says in this game though in the top right, so no guessing) and you will have to aim down in CQC to hit the target.

Haha No dont worry I'm fully aware of the 300m zeroing, rounds fired left were landing on building at head hight so definitely no overshooting, thanks for the suggestion though!

I just did a little test video on this, I'm not entirely sure that I have the right idea about the problem, but hopefully it might help.

A few shots with the default BLUFOR Rifleman MX at various close ranges, with zeroing unchanged at 300m:

The only miss is while prone, though I'm not sure where the bullet went, nor whether it was my fault or the game misplacing the bullet.

Looking good, I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of seeing ragdoll in Arma!

I'm going to set up the shot again later to see if I can replicate what happend.

After watching it again, I'm reminded of the distance between where the sight is and where the actual gun barrel is. That would probably ensure a point-blank hit even if the sight was aimed far too high.

Definately a hitboy problem! I made a video:

I cannot confirm this. I just did a mission with a SL, which has tracer mags and 3 enemy AIs in combat mode blue, who are forced to stand upright and still.

There MIGHT be a problem with helmets displaying heads as larger as they are, but whenever I hit the center of the head, they went down.

Mission attached; please create a high res video when you repro. I might try again too and remove helmets from enemy AI next time.

I believe its called Scope Parallax look it up.

@Uncertain. That was on you for missing that shot. Your rifle is zeroed at 300m. Aiming your crosshair directly at his head at 100m will result in the bullet flying over his head, as you can see in your video (it lands in the bushes) if you play it over a couple times.

sounds like a zeroing issue

I've found that helemts tend to keep you from getting badly hurt froma single bullet, so that could be it as well.

Its no zeroing issue - If you look at my video you see that the bullet doesnt shoot high at the tested range.

Whereas it could be that its mission related because I dont allways have this issue.

i used this setup:

I don't have any problem at all hitting enemies in the head at different ranges..
hitboxes are definitively not bugged

Cannot repro. Unless there is a proper repro, repro steps and mission and a high res video, I'll have it closed for now.