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[Feature request] Separate mouse sensitivity setting for vehicles
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Driving a car with a mouse in arma 3 is very unresponsive, low sensitivity and clumsy compared to arma 2, possibly have vehicle mouse sensitivity?


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My suggestion is mouse and joystick should allow immediate control over steering direction.

Please also try changes in vehicle steering done in Arma2 OA:

[89086] Experimental: A different way to handle mouse steering is implemented for cars, tanks, boats and bikes.

Hmm, tbh for me it feels very spot-on to steer with the mouse...

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being an arma2:oa player, mouse steering feels horribly hard

i guess this is the result of the physics engine stopping you from turning the wheels to some point

maybe a servo would help^^

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Version: 0.5.102571

My current build, mouse input in vehicles is definitely far less responsive than it once was in A2OA. As if the sensitivity is a good 10% of what it once was. A & D for turning left and right feel natural.

Simple solution: remap your mouse from Car More Left/Right to Car Left/Right. Worked wonders for me. I suggest either BIS make that default mapping or revamp the vehicle steering altogether.

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Voted up. See note 5 here:

Mouse steering in A3 must be at least as fluid and accurate as that in Arma 2, or more, especially as A3 takes place in the future when power steering will have been even more enhanced.

The problem seems to be responsiveness. It takes way too long for the car to respond to a mouse movement. When you are driving straight, the car responds ok to mouse movement, but if the car is already moving in one direction during a turn, turning it back in the other direction with the mouse is too unresponsive.

Changing the key mapping as suggested above does not ease mouse steering, and the driver's hands move in a nervous, frenetic way.

Steering should be immediate. Download the Live for Speed demo to see how it should be.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

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Yes, give us the option to adjust this seperatly from mouse sensitivity.
Its a must have for drivers.

OMAC added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 3:24 AM

Using dev build 0.71.107360, is it just me or does mouse steering seem hugely improved in all vehicles? I never need to use WASD keys anymore to steer, and can stay on those curvy mountain roads perfectly. Have there been improvements to mouse steering lately? Mouse steering is very fluid and responsive for me.