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Connection failed.
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90% of servers gives me Connection Failed error, and no other information.


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Detailed root cause analysis in ticket #2467.

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just by trying to connect to a server...

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You dont happen to have a Thomson router?, because i get the same problem and another dude with a Thomson router also has this problem. Thomson routers are infamous for game incompability /=

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I do... everything should be in order, i dont have any issues with any other online games, hosting or playing.

I tried hosting a game, a friend of mine can see and ping the server but when he tries to connect he gets the same "Connecting failed" error.

I also have THOMSON TG789vn Sonera ISP firmware and I'm having a lot of problems joining servers, never happened in arma 2 and other games work just fine.


I have forwarded ports and tried everything within my control to resolve this, no luck.

I also have this problem however I have a Virgin Media Superhub instead.

I also have the same problem on a thomson router. I have disabled upnp which caused similar problems in BF3 but no luck

zerter added a subscriber: zerter.May 7 2016, 10:34 AM

It worked for me for like 2 hours and now i get rejected from every single server. Proud Thomson user..

Having the same issue.

I do NOT have a Thomson router, I have a Belkin Wireless N f5d8236-4.

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I also have problem using an apple airport i think that major problem is they are pop up servers being run by a host computer rather than server. Bigger problem is not getting a ping in the lobby to know what servers to join or not to join. I think this because any server allowing more than 12 players is private and you need to have a password because of this overpopulation and over pinging due to first day launch.

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Here i have a Technicolor. Same problem. Nothing's wrong on ARMA II.

Same here. Thomson router with all the ports open from Arma II.

Cant play in 95% of servers, always with "connecting failed" message.

I have also Thomson router and this is second game where i have had same problem, other game was Company of Heroes.

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Got a Technicolor and also got issues connecting. ARMA II is fine and I've tried with fowarding the ports 2302-2305, I have UPnP active and I've tried turning of my firewall on my PC with no success.

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I have a Thomson router and I cannot select the roles/class on any server. I remain stuck in the pregame menu with my name highlighted gray.

@DTron Does that happen with every server you join? or have you only tried one?

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I have the same problem and I've also got a Thomson. Almost every server gives me a ping of 2500. There are a few servers that gives me a stable ping and I've been able to join a few of them and play for a while. But most of them (even those that give me a stable ping) just gives me the connection failed error.

Okay I still don't totally understand why I can't connect to servers, however I've found that if your willing to restart your router a couple of times it works. (For me anyway).

Also, I don't know about anyone else but I have to disable any security methods that the router offers, otherwise I find some games do not work.

DTron added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 4:37 PM

@xRupture I can't select a class on 99% of the servers I have tried ... and I can no longer find the 1% that previously worked. I made over a dozen attempts. I also disable the security features via the modem configuration. Darn Thomson

Annoying. This might sound stupid, but are you sure the class you were trying to pick wasn't already selected by another player? Also I was wondering if anyone knows what specs would be required to host a 16 player server?

DTron added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 4:53 PM

I've tried numerous slots that were UNfilled and I appreciate your help ... slots were with and without AI enabled. I believe it's an issue with ports and UnPn

I don't know then. I would create a new report for it specifically.

DTron added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 6:04 PM

It appears in this thread that many are having issues with "Thomson" routers and the inability to enter multiplayer matches successfully

I don't have a Thompson router and I can't connect..

I have created a new thread about the Thomson routers specifically.

Can't select class issue in multiplayer - pls upvote:

This is weird? I've got an Thomson TG789vn router myself with connection issues?

It seems like forwarding ports 2302-2307 or whatever ports arma uses solved my issue. There will be a problem if 2 people behind the same router want to play though

Definitely something to do with port forwarding - I have a Thompson router and A3 would not connect with 2302 - 2309 forwarded and a static IP.

I've just hard reset the router and gone back to dynamic IP and I can connect fine

same problem with tg789.... test it with 3 other FWs for the router but no success.

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I'm on a university network, so I don't know what the router setup is, but I am also encountering this problem (with ARMA2 as well).

I've had the same problem. I've been able to join a few servers, but the vast majority give me a "connection failed". I have a Belkin router. I've disabled UAC, turned off my firewall, to no avail. Not having an issue with other games.

I do not have a thompson router and I have this issue. It is not my interent connection because I have tested it and it works fine for all other games and it is also not my router because this problem has never happened before. The only constant in this problem is arma 3 itself. People using different routers and different setups are all experiencing the same "connecting failed" problems to which there seems to be no fix.

So please stop with the "its a thompson router" problem, it might mislead the developers to miss this issue and take it as a hardware problem and not an issue with the game itself for which is clearly is.

Sooo.... i test it via Hamachi(via LAN) with some guys who have also a TG Router and it works well... but it doesn't work via Internet direct!

Edit: Also tested now with a PPPoE direct connection on the PC with the TG 789.... that works fine ;-)... i think there are some ports on the modem who block this and this aren't 2302-2309

Edwardo is Correct.

I have a 2Wire router and I am experiencing the same issue as everybody else but I haven't been able to connect to a single game yet.

I've never had any issues with playing Any other game on online multiplayer, so it has to do something with their hosting.

I've forwarded all the ports needed, adjusted my permissions and even reinstalled the game but unfortunately, none of those solutions have worked.

Thomson TG789vn here. I can connect to most (if not all) 404 Wasteland servers. It's a lot more frequent with other servers.

I tested my old Zyxel router and i connected to all servers right away. So for me it was the Thomson router that gave me the problem. But i'm sure they have to fix that problem. Because it cant "only" be the routers problem that it doesn't work, because if thousands of other games work fine with my thomson router but ARMA games don't, then Bohemia have to do something about....

Me too I can not connect to multiple servers.

I have a technicolor TG587n v3 and cannot connect to anyone that seems to be running a small private server. I can connect to the larger hosted servers without any problem.

Have tried port forwarding without any success...

Okay - I've managed to get it working... The things I did:

  • I gave my pc a public IP Address within the modem settings.
  • I'd already added the telnet commands that people have referenced elsewhere using the Arma ports
  • I changed my steam game settings to use the latest development build under the Beta tab (right click on the Arma 3 game and select (I think) Game Properties - the bottom option...)

I'd also port forwarded and added that to my game applications within the modem but I don't think that was the thing that made a difference.

So, one, some or all of those things now allows me to connect to all servers, not just (what looked like) the larger dedicated ones :)

In games created by people I can not enter. In my local server I have to try more than 20 times to enter the server, sometimes falls on the first try, sometimes not

Wepeel added a subscriber: Wepeel.May 7 2016, 10:34 AM

Same issue. I'm on a tg789vn as well. I'm not sure if that's the problem though.

I got mine Thomson router working by port forwarding Gamespy and ARMA ports.

so go to "Game & Application Sharing" on your router and there should be already default Gamespy ports "Gamespy Arcade" and add it to your computer and then manually add ARMA 3 ports (2302 - 2309).

Hey everyone, I know this ticket has a lot of votes, but I have another ticket (#2467) where I repro'ed the issue.

I won't close this one as dupe yet, but I suggest everyone votes up my ticket #2467, as this ticket won't really help anyone, except for showing that there is an issue.

I have a belkin and have the same problem. Some of the servers even say 70 ping, but I still can't join them.

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may be this solves the problem:
PORT FORWARDING (ArmA3) (Firewalls)

ArmA3 uses the same default ports as ArmA2 with the addition of 2 steam ports. So if you intend running A2 and A3 servers on the same machine, you need to edit the ports used
Default ports are all UDP and as follows

    2302 (Arma3 Game port)
    2303 (Server reporting)
    2305 (Von)
    8766 (Steam port)
    27016 (Steam query port)

(quoted from

Mansen added a subscriber: Mansen.May 7 2016, 10:34 AM

Same here - I also often get the "Connection Failed" message when trying to connect to certain servers.

Today it is particularly bad - I've spent twenty minutes re-connecting to the same server (which is up and running for the rest of my clan) with no luck.

Vuffalo WZR-HP-G300NH - Running DDWRT firmware and set up by myself. No port issues in any games, or anything of the kind until now with ARMA 3.

I had tried everything, aside from switching out my router.

But after getting the idea here, deleting my forwarded ports and switching to dynamic helped me connect to the servers and stop the 'BE Client not responding' message from appearing.

Hopefully it will help someone else.


Je suis français et client du fournisseur d'accès à internet Bouygues Telecom. Il m'est également impossible de rejoindre un ami en partie privée ou d'être rejoint par des amis en partie privée, pourtant, j'ai tout tenté. Les ports nécessaires 2302, 2303 et 2305 sont ouvert et j'ai tenté de résoudre le problème en créant un serveur dédié, mais en vain.

Il se pourrait que la box d'accès à internet Bouygues Telecom soit un routeur THOMSON TG789vn (mention "Thomson Telecom" sur l'arrière de la box).

Ceci est très pénalisant, ni mes amis ni moi même ne pouvons jouer ensemble sur nos parties réalisées dans l'éditeur par exemple...

Si quelqu'un a une solution je suis preneur, sinon merci à BIS de régler le problème.

Cordiales salutations.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.