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Player drowns when in water unless he is a diver character even if his head is above the surface.
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If the player is any other character but a diver, he can drown in the water, even if his head is above water. This is unrealistic. If at the surface, the player should be able to breathe uninhibited.


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Walk in water without a diver character.

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Hmmm, I tried diving without diving gear earlier, once he started choking I swam up to the surface and could breathe uninhibited again.

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Yeah me too, started choking and could breathe when i reached surface.

I tried hitting "x" to swim to the surface and it fixed it. Just swimming to the surface did not fix it. Thanks for the help.

Still strange though, because i didn't use X, i just swum up

Agree ! It's very strange to reach surface WITHOUT hitting "X" and being unable to breathe immediately (automaticaly re-breathe after ~30s). Futhermore, I found that all kind of soldier are "champion of apnea" : it took about 4 min before the blackout and lack of air (BTW, good idea, this blackout and the sound "lack of air" are perfect)

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I drowned as a civilian without even diving...
i just swam, did not dive once and drowned after 4 minutes...

In order to breach the surface you need to press X. you can swim all the way up until your head is out of the water and you're riding on the waves. But if you don't press X for even a second, you will drown.

Breathing of the unit should be dependent on position of the mouth. Could you please try it one more time and check, if this happens even when the mouth of the unit is above the water surface? Thank you.

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Seems to work with mouth over water, just tried and didn't drowned.


Try this with a riffleman : dive a few meters, then reach the surface without release the "W"/"forward", continue to swim to the surface without stopping to look at the sky (I looked at the sun, but also tested with a 45° view, looking at a mountain around Marina Bay). Fuzzy then black view appears in about 30-40s all the time, as if you were still under water. This is the most convincing test I found, and it works every times.

Results after releasing "W" key differs : sometimes I recover breath in a few seconds, sometimes I must wait 10-15s (depends on the waves ?).

It's less obvious if you reach surface more or less horizontally (look at the horizon).

Yep, I can reproduce it now. Thanks for repro.

Fixed some time ago, should be ok in current version of the game.

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