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Seeing Building Layouts in Editor
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Placing units within buildings has always been a pain. Being able to see the layouts of the buildings if we zoom in on them in the editor would make the usual trial/error method much less painful.


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Having a floorplan with indicated positions would be nice, but it would be even better if we could just place characters in the right position on the GUI. The code method is not very noob-friendly.

don't know if this is too far but it would be cool if you could like double click on a building and it would go into a kind of 3D model of the house with all the floors and rooms etc.

plus isn't there going to be a 3D editor on full release??

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It would already help if the grey block (building) actually corresponds with the actual in-game position, they still have an offset to in-game.

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This is a great idea, precision spawning would also greatly help in creating scripted events/cutscenes.

or implement the 3D editor everyone wants???????

fixes a lot of issues in one... 2 birds 1 stone

The problem with this comes with multi-level buildings. There would also need to be some indicator for the level that the position is on.

there will not be a 3D editor in Arma 3, it was tested in A2 beta. dont remember why but it will not come. no need to ask for it :/

Sorry m8!

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As much as I would like a 3D editor, it's not gonna happen :(
so this ticket is a good workaround, together with kidmosey post
about the level indicator and that would be awesome for mission making.

Finally, someone knows the pain! I wish I could upvote this more than once. This is a great idea!

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  1. Place a TRIGGER onto the map. Use a radio call as the ACTIVATION.
  2. Type copyToClipboard(Str(getPosATL player)); into the ON ACTIVATION field.
  3. Move the PLAYER unit (ensure that there’s only ONE player/playable unit) to the spot where you want the unit placed, and make the radio call.
  4. Shift/Tab out of the game, paste the co-ordinates onto a text file, and copy the co-ordinates.
  5. Place the co-ordinates (syntax = this setPosATL [co-ordinates];) into the INITIALIZATION field of the unit you want to set.
  6. When you place the unit in the UNSPECIFIED location, make sure to face it the direction you want it to face after it’s positioned. The co-ordinates will set the position and height, but NOT the facing.
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Solved with Eden Editor.

@Astaroth hi!
May be close this ticket?)

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