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Do not steer with mouse in vehicles (especially when using WASD)
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When driving a vehicle, you do not only steer with the WASD keys, mouse movement controls the vehicle, too. I am (personally) very annoyed of this behaviour and would suggest to replace steering with the mouse with looking with the mouse, i.e. you steer with WASD and look around with your mouse. This would be way more natural to me and probably also to other (new) players. (Because it is similiar to the infantry behaviour)


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The workaround is to enter freelook mode (2x left alt), but you have to remember to exit it if you switch to a gunner's position. It'd be nice if mouse defaulted to freelook while driving, but aiming when entering gun positions.

You can already do that, use 2xALT or Numeric asterisk to switch to Free look mode.

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Yep, dsl24, that's what I intended to say. Always pressing 2xALT is one of those accessibility-unfriendly things. Who uses mouse to steer anyway?

+1. I don't know anyone who uses mouse to steer but I know a lot of people who use the mouse to fly with :/

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too hard to double tap alt? Trivial indeed.

I'd like to steer with the mouse but it doesnt work good enough.

I use a combination of WASD and the mouse to steer, if i have a sharp turn i use WASD if it's not, i use the mouse.

It works fine for me as my mouse has a sensitivity button.

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If you dont like it, you can still remove mouse steering from the controls. This should work as well.

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Please make mouse steering the way it is in Arma 2 Expert difficulty, with green caret indicator.

I use the mouse to steer. I don't see why anyone wouldn't <.<

@MulleDK19: For one simple reason. While driving in 3rd person with my keyboard, i can look around using my mouse.

switch to freelook and you won't have this problem. i do so automatically when entering vehicles, it's basically second-nature

go to control settings and remove the mouse ability to effect it, :P

just tap the astrisks on the numpad when you get in.
this isnt even an issue

An option to permanently use free look in vehicles (Options > Game > Vehicle freelook) has been added in the development branch.

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