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AI Still see's player through dense vegetation.
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Same issue from previous ARMA titles, AI seems to magically know where the player is once engagement begins, I am behind: bushes, grass, even behind rocks, I peek out fire silenced weapon at one of several targets, they alive AI react by firing into my position despite using a silenced weapon and being obscured by vegetation and or rocks.

I'm also creeping quietly and get magically spotted by enemies firing through dense tree canopy's and dense vegetation, only way for player to know is watching where tracers originate, makes stealth approach pretty trivial given the xray vision of the AI. {F16707}


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Yes thats a problem... especially if you want to play coop. Glad you brought that up

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Yes!But you can a little fix this in alpha, if you change AI skill...
I did check, and its good when you set AI skill(in editor) to 40/100 and AI skill in Veteran to 0.75 . AI is much better, but not stupid.
There is a lot of bugs when AI can shoot through walls, stones...

AI should have a visual arc, and should not see outside of that arc. They should not know what others know, unless this information is broadcast over enemy radio.

I try it and I think it's caused by marking targets.
Then AI shoot and needn't to see you.
When I tried that 1(player) vs 1(ai) everything was OK.

AI can spot us an long ranges even at darkness nights. They shoot us without facing us.

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revision 103721: AI no longer fires on targets that did not see and are only reported by other group members.

Lynx added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 4:00 PM

Can you confirm fix please?

Arma3 AI doesn't see through bushes and trees' foliage. Tests in editor showed that. But the AI is very good at keeping track of player's position and movement exactly in a similar way, as we have slowly vanishing symbols of enemies on the map (with the option extended map info enabled). It's only that AI's tracking is better and more accurate, than those symbols are.

I'm not sure about the grass. While laying prone appears to significantly increase camouflage factor, the grass itself doesn't appear to block AI's view. You can crawl through a grass close enough for a pistol kill, but once you've been spotted, it's game over.

Still, by using tactical movement and changing position frequently, it's possible to confuse the AI about where you are and to flank them. Laying behind a single tree and picking them off doesn't work and honestly that's how it should be. It's either flank the AI or they will flank you.

AI doesn't see behind its arc of vision. It's possible to approach very close to them, until they actually hear you and only then turn at you. Based on my observations and tests, I think that "seeing" through walls is rather orienting towards heard sound. Try sneaking on them with slow movement and see the difference.

Stealth approach is very usefeul, when setting up for an attack or performing recon. But after "going loud", you'd better be on the move! AI is hard to beat and smart, but in tests designed to check it's capabilities and used skills one by one, it appears that it doesn't cheat. I do suffer from the situations, when I'm being fired at from behind the trees, but I do the same, when I have a suspicion or report that the AI might be or is hiding there. Actually I'm worse, because I throw grenades blindly, just in case, while AI doesn't.

I'm not sure about effectiveness of the silencers in Arma3. It appears, that they do have some value, but I haven't played with them enough to say anything for sure. As far as real life goes, silencers don't make you absolutely silent and undetectable, so don't expect shooting anyone in a room, without alarming the guys behind the wall. A silencer may delay finding you, if used from a distance, but they will find you eventually, unless you change the position.

Maybe there should be some more tweaking to the AI, so they only will know a general area where you could be, instead of a specific spot, so they will loose track of you sooner or are less willing to pursue to the death, but in general I find the AI to be quite good and challenging. Tricks from Arma2 (and I used addons that upped AI there) no longer work. Arma3 is all about maneuver warfare.

Have a look at a mission in the attached zip. Unpack it to single player missions. While ingame, run to the bush ahead and stop for a couple of seconds. Then walk past the bush and see what will happen.

Ezcoo added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 6:44 PM

^ What he said.

armapirx, I'm gonna print your comment and attach it next to my screen when I'm playing COOP! lol

so they only will know a general area where you could be, instead of a specific spot, so they will loose track of you sooner...

This is close to how AI works. If they don't see you, they just predict your position based on the speed and direction you had last time they saw you. Also, if you just hide behind some object, they will wait for you to show again.

Yes, I did an experiment in the mission attached. I jumped out to the side from behind the bush, then hid again and watched the tracers. I saw that he was predicting my movement and leading with bullets for a few seconds. Then he was waiting. Jumping from the right side of the bush provided me with a split second to target and shoot, before he reoriented himself. Jumping from the wrong side got me killed. This is also correct behaviour, but it also puts the AI into tunnel vision.

Arma3 AI is really good and I see lots of tiny, but important improvements. I understand, that they won't replace human players and that this is Alpha release. But there are some areas, where AI could perform even better - the bahaviour is there, but it isn't used to its full potential.

Summary of the following part:

  1. AI seems to be too idle when defending
  2. AI seems to be not cautious enough when attacking
  3. AI should care for its own lives more, than for destroying the enemy

What I meant, was to have AI to use an area of probability, instead of a spot. When AI is firmly focused on my bush for too long, I can flank him easily. He shouldn't lay there for too long, but, with time passing by, he should start considering a growing area where I could be, while keeping an eye for the bush, just in case.

Also AI should care for its own survival first and destroying the opposition second, like a soldier would do. In the example mission here: when I'm hidden again, he is just laying there, while without a clear view of me, he should have moved either to try to flank my last known position, to check out what's going on, or, more likely, to break contact and run away from uncertain situation, maybe to a spot with a better view of the situation or cover. When he is sure about me being behind the bush, he flanks and attacks violently. When unsure, he is too idle.

Another example from a community mission. AI infantry squad chased me down for 1 - 1,5km. It's OK, as I was alone and they could have thought I'm going to be an easy prey. But I've used the terrain to my advantage and killed them all, in a series of ambushes. After seeing, that I'm a hard nut to crack, they should have given up the chase and saved their lives. The range between me and their group was maintained between 300-400m and frequently I was completely hidden from them, yet they were still following me along my last known movement track, like the guy did with the tracers. But this time "attacking violently" didn't do them any good.

In other experiments I've seen AI running from overwhelming enemy forces and this is correct. But the AI seems to consider only quantity advantage and doesn't think about quality of the opposition. Sometimes lonely marksman can be more than a match for a whole squad. After loosing a couple of men, the AI should be more cautious - now it's often only last man standing, who runs away in panic.

The current AI DO run for cover or away, it's OK. Buth it's after they are in the killing zone already and getting out of there alive is simply impossible. They should be more cautious, when approaching and attacking known or suspected enemy position.

Maybe it should be scalable outside of a skill value found in editor: members of a faction which represents trained army, should behave more cautious and tactical from members of a guerilla faction?

AI marksmen are another story, but it was covered in other tickets already.

Lynx added a comment.Apr 24 2013, 4:31 PM

Thank you for analysis, but I would still like to close this if behavior is improved and is acceptable now (regarding this issue).

So please let us know if it is better.

The mission attached clearly shows, that player is "invisible" to AI while behind the bush. The same is true for trees and foliage.

But the original poster also mentioned grass and I'm not sure about it. While peeking over a hill, I'm being shot at with my head still well below top of the grass and I can't see anything, not a smallest part of the AI on the other side. Just like there wasn't any grass for AI.

Similar peeking from behind a bush or tree is possible - I need to show up a larger portion of myself in order to get AI to shoot at me. Currently peeking over a grassy hill or ridge and setting up a covered firing position there is next to impossible and it's better to have a bare soil, than concealing grass - which is wrong.

If you can confirm, that grass has the same properties as trees and bushes and that the AI's vision is blocked on the grass by Arma's engine, then you can close the ticket.

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i think the AI is easy just about up to veteran, but on lower difficulties you can easily kill 7 in a row or more, think about it if it was fair you would only kill 1 before you died unless you rambo

Combat isn't fair. I play on regular, but with most of the HUD turned off, and depending on a situation, I can kill, without trouble, much more than 7, or quickly die, without even spotting anyone.

I dont't mind demanding and hard to beat AI, as long as AI do not cheat.

@TTc30: it really depends on the situation. I can take out a whole squad in about 45 seconds as an autorifleman with a good position firing at enemies in areas of little cover--that's not bad. Put me in a dense forest with poor visibility, and I'll be lucky if I can get about 4 in 2 minutes.

Using a suppressor (silencer) doesn't actually "silence" your weapon contrary to what you see in the movies. It simply reduces the decibel level of the shots fired. In real life if I hear a round wizzing by my head, I'm going to take cover, try to determine where it originated (especially if more than 1 shot was fired), suppress where I think it originated while other friendlies maneuver/flank the enemy.

@ hladas - that's exactly what I do when I'm tracking enemies lol

I'll close this as fixed, for the case where AI magically "knows the enemy position" we have #8204 (might be fixed too, meanwhile).