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Throwables triggers impact sound at throw moment not on hit the surface
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If the player's camera looks ~45 degrees up, then when throwing a grenade, the sound of hitting the surface will immediately be played
Watch the video:
yellow spheres show the main values of the angle of elevation to get this bug

If you throw several grenades at an angle of 45 degrees the sound of the impact when thrown has gone
As soon as we turn away and aim at this sphere again the on throw impacts will appear again


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

launch repro mission

  1. move your camera any direction some seconds
  2. aim to the spheres upper
  3. auto-throwen grenade after throw will trigger impact sound, although we just threw it and there is nothing that it could collide with
  4. again move your camera any direction some seconds
  5. aim to the spheres on ground
  6. same result, after 1-3 throws the impact sound stops untill we switch to another sphere

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Yeah, completely broken in game

Revision: 151791

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Fixed in Dev build 151781.