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[Feature Request] server.cfg Config Entry for BattlEye Query Timeout
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Currently it seems that the time until the BattlEye Query Timeout happens is around 2 minutes (+- 120 seconds). For obvious reasons, weaker computers tend to get this more often compared to newer systems. Especially on Servers with a lot of mods, and of course loading times, the error happens in almost 90% of cases for players using a HDD instead of SSD or NVMe drives.

Therefor I would like to request a feature that server owners can set a custom timer via server.cfg (as already done with other timeouts and network related settings), if possible.


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Windows 10 x64
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ehylla93 created this task.Apr 11 2024, 3:01 PM

That's the kind of topic like those over on the Arch forums shen people try to run Arch on 10+ year old hardware: Get it - your hardware is too old - upgrade your hardware!
A3 always was and sometimes still is the Crysis of the 2010s: It is unoptimized as hell to cause even beefy hardware to perform like crap.
An example: I ran a R9 290X - one of the high-end cards of its time - got roughly 30 fps ob mid settings - upgraded to a R570 - still only managed to get unstable 60 - it takes a freaking xt 7700 and a 5600 to get me stable 90 fps on high - with cranking to very high tanks me back to below - and all that on just 1080p!
Same goes with loading times: As I'm on Linux and ZFS most is cached into RAM - but it still forever on first start to load it all. And A3 is like gta V o that matter: big simple archives to aid with high sequential reads. Ever played killing floor 2 with all its billion of 1kb assets? Enable ANY anti virus on windows and your back at the 80s when we used tape with our C64

Point is: Some games are designed and hence run like ass - unfortinately A3 is one of them - all you can do is compensate with beefy hardware. You want to play with a metric ton of mods - cool - use a system that is able to load all that crap in time! This request is like dealing with flu by drownibg painkillers with liquir - it doesn't solve the root cause: bad optimization on bad hardware

my recommendation: figure out which mods take all the time up to load so slow and just don't use them

kju-PvPscene added a subscriber: Dwarden.

@Dwarden is it possible?

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Apr 19 2024, 12:19 PM

BattlEye would need to add it on their end.
Probably into their existing BE server config.