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Low texture quality on Arma3 barracks at NW Airfield
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At the NW airfield there are two Arma3 barracks that have a very low texture quality while a third has good textures. See pictures below to see the difference between the barrack with the right textures and one of two with the very low quality textures:

This Arma3 barrack has good texture quality

This one has low quality


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go to NW Airfield, to the office location. There are three Arma3 barracks next to each other. The middle one has the right textures but the on on the left and right have a lower quality.

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Already raised the ticket here:

Fingers crossed they look into it.

Already raised the ticket here:

Fingers crossed they look into it.

Ah great! Then my ticket can be considered a duplicate :)

Hope they fix it with the next patch.

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Few days ago I also noticed this same texture issue with the same type of barrack at the military base north of Bielewa on Liviona.

Perhaps the team is already aware of it, but I figured I mention it to be sure.