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Networked Entities Change (1.24)
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This latest update has made networking entities to clients 100x worse than before. The game is full of constant lag at high pop now.

Here is a video demonstrating the nonsensical behavior of entities being networked to our clients. Constantly jumping 100 entities for an unexplainable reason. Use our debug UI at the bottom left for an understanding (TLC is the client's entity count, BBC is the clients base building item count)

Bear in mind these are my serverdz.cfg settings:

networkRangeClose = 40;
networkRangeNear = 30;    //this is lowered intentionally once it became apparently obvious loading in items was a massive problem this update
networkRangeFar = 900;	
networkRangeDistantEffect = 4000; 
networkObjectBatchSend = 10;	//yes, the video is with these vanilla settings...
networkObjectBatchCompute = 1000;

Here is how my entity counter works (TLC / BBC)

int TotalLoadCount;

modded class ItemBase
	void ItemBase()

	void ~ItemBase()

BBC works in the same way but it keeps track of exclusively our custom BaseBuilding class. It's very obvious we aren't loading in bases to cause the lag, rather just players/whatever else we could possibly be getting networked.

That video is recorded in the middle of no where on chernarus where there's probably only 1-2 players in our network bubble, and to see us lagging that much is just mind boggling.


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Windows 7
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It should be noted that in the video, we have different entity counts despite being right next to each other. I understand where the logic is where things we interact with would effect that, but we are running through a forest (have been for several minutes).

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Yuki added a subscriber: Yuki.Mar 14 2024, 7:27 AM

Can confirm that we ( The Lab servers) are having similar issues with lag, with the same settings. Server FPS is around 200 with 90 slots and yet we keep getting reports of freezing and lag spikes.

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Same (Cake Factory)

Can also confirm since update 100x more reports and countless clips ,

Different hosts on different servers , same lag

Similar problems seem to be happening with our KarmaKrew servers since 1.24

I confirm that the server fps has decreased significantly

Hycron added a subscriber: Hycron.Mar 16 2024, 1:30 PM

Likewise can confirm. We've been suffering significant FPS drops with same population that was not previously so impactful.

I managed to get a clear clip from one of our players showing what we're dealing with, its game breaking

another clip of this, pvp is a waste of time in 1,24

I highly suggest adding this to your servers so it gives the developers an idea if what the problem is.

The sooner they recognize the issue the sooner it gets fixed, it still helps showing how awful this lag is though so it gets prioritized.

Here's another example of it happening. Just keeps jumping up and down 100 entities.

Keep in mind with default network variables in serverdz.cfg, loading in 300 entities will completely lag someone and can ruin their life. (in game of course)

there is such a problem

This is likely something directly related to the issue.

realproru added a subscriber: Geez.Mar 28 2024, 4:00 PM

@Geez will there be a commentary?

Can we anticipate some commentary on this issue? It's currently causing significant disruption on high-population servers. It would greatly benefit the pc modding community to gain clarity on the situation.

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Hello everyone. The issue is currently being worked on.

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Resolved for the 1.25 update.

There appears to be a new source of lag now, and I'm currently unaware of how it's being caused. This is us testing the new variables (using default settings in this clip) and there is extreme amounts of lag despite the server having 2 players on it, with over 20k server fps.

@Geez is there any news? its even whorse in 1.25 nearly unplayable on pvp servers.

Can we expect some commentary on this ongoing issue? We're having major issues with players freezing during gameplay, PvP servers are literally unplayable. Look at this clip, this isn't something we can fix through modding.