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Tripwire bug
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There is a new bug with the tripwires again on the new 1.24 update, you can not attach anything to it like grenades, smoke grenades, remotes to claymores etc.


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Windows 10 x64
Weapon Stabilization

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Hello Dayzrunner.
Is this server specific? Have you tried this on an official server?

I have only played on pgz vanilla server, after the update i haven’t been able to attach anything to the tripwire.

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We have players on DUG stating the same thing - no way to attach anything to trip wires

Hi! Problem solved! I got som advice from good people on discord, the problem was that i had crafted the trip wires before the 1.24 update, if i make a new trip wire now it works!

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But that is a whole other problem than what i was experiencing? You should make a ticket for that one aswell

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we banned the player and deleted the comments here

problem solved


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I had the issue again trying to redeploy a kit I picked up after deploying it.
I was able to just pick it up, without folding it as it should, could be related

Can confirm I had this bug in February several times on Vanilla official and on modded. Also getting it now on 1.24 but not caused by DayZ updates (as Dayzrunner suggested above). Here's what happened:

  • Yesterday I found enough wire to make five tripwires. Deployed two with nades. An hour later picked up the nades and packed away the two tripwires into my backpack before logging out for the night.
  • Today I logged back in and all tripwires were in my backpack. I can deploy the tripwires themselves (as usual) but I can't attach anything to them.
  • When I pressed TAB next to the first tripwire, I couldn't see the tripwire anywhere in proximity. So I tried deploying the other tripwires from my backpack, one or two I can see in proximity but always missing the slot for the nade. Can't see the slot, can't put a nade into it, can't use the tripwire.

Tried logging out, logging in, restarting the game, repairing all the mods, verifying integrity of game files in Steam. Not sure what else to do.

This is exactly what happened in February. When I first had this problem, I found some new metal wire and got some new sticks and made a tripwire and it worked. So I had one working tripwire (the one I'd just made) plus one bugged tripwire which didn't work (could deploy it, couldn't put a nade into it). Also tried back then de-constructing the bugged tripwire and reconstructing a new one, to see if that would fix it. Had to get some new short sticks to use with with the recycled wire. That tripwire made with deconstructed parts also hadthe same bug. Not sure what to do.

Update: logged back in again, deployed each of the five tripwires in turn. Could see EACH of them in proximity when tabbed-into inventory. None of them were invisible. However, none of them had a nade slot. Couldn't attach anything at all.

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Hello everyone. A fix will be deployed for the 1.25 update.