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Add "radioEmitted" event handler
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Please add EHs or MEHs for radio emission. Radio emission can be from cfgRadio pre-defined sounds, or when player(s) hits the radio button for a voice message.

Two possibilities:

  • linked to a unit:

something like the already existing "soundPlayed" EH:
this addEventHandler ["radioEmitting", {
params ["_unit","_channel","_volume","_message","_identity"];

// _channel can be: "group","command","side","vehicle","global","custom"
// _volume : the must: returning value at end of EH overrides the current volume (like for handleDamage)
// _message if any (from cfgRadio), empty string if player's voice
// _identity if any, like "PAPA_BEAR","BASE","HQ"...


  • and/or as MEH

addMissionEventHandler ["RadioMessage", {
params ["_unit","_channel","_volume","_message","_identity"];
With same possibilities.

A cool practice could be:

addMissionEventHandler ["RadioMessage", {

params ["_unit","_channel","_volume","_message","_identity"];
if (side _unit == playerSide) then {
   _volume = (10000 / (_unit distanceSqr player)) min 1;




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Windows 10 x64
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PiepMGI created this task.Dec 26 2023, 12:31 PM
h- added a subscriber: h-.Dec 26 2023, 6:15 PM

@PiepMGI did you try yet?

that said even if it does trigger for all radio messages, it may not suffice for the same functionality as laid out

same as T161306 ?

this ticket is better, but some arguments could be merged

This feature request is not for chat but radio. Actually, the voice radio is just filtered by channel, without consideration about range, jamming, ground masks... You can't scan, point at direction, reveal radio emitters.
The reason why EH or MEH could enable some scripts when AIs/players use their radio.

  • if leader player is separate from his group/ other players by a hill, radio can be blocked or dimmed, (except if backpack is a radio but this can be scripted in EH code);
  • if an AI/player emits within a short distance from enemy, reveal it to enemy;
  • find azimuth of emitting unit;
  • script radio volume for what you want...