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Conflict: Official servers; bodies & entities do not de-spawn
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I've only tested the official Conflict: Everon servers.

Bodies and entities fail to de-spawn after long periods on official conflict servers, possibly causing low server FPS after longer runtimes.
This issue was not present prior to


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.22621 Build 22621
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a Conflict: Everon server
  2. Kill a player or NPC
  3. Body will remain on server possibly indefinitely
Additional Information

This issue is likely playing a role in low server FPS after the server is more populated.

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30 November Arma Reforger Twitch stream

This is a clip of my livestream on 30 November 2023, showcasing a large number of bodies, both player and AI which failed to de-spawn after a long period of time.

This took place on [OFFICIAL] Conflict Full - 13479012.

FanHe added a subscriber: FanHe.Dec 2 2023, 3:53 AM

Same in official conflict Arland servers, aggravated by Living Quarter Spam where players may place over 10 living quarters in a single base, rapidly converting into a meatgrind and therefore huge ammount of corpses

Yeah it's really killing play-ability right now. Small example; I cleared out a point of FIA and built up a tower to better assault coastal points. Hours later when i came back to that point to do exactly that and cap a close by point, all the FIA corpses were still there. The problem is compounded with vehicles that get wiped out and left the whole game in out of the way routes, as well as the broken armory system which has garbage left all over bigger bases. Single digit server frames is not playable, which makes it hard to put in effort if you know the server is gonna chug later and your progress and contributions are meaningless. It's a shame because when the game is running smoothly it all works.
I think we need a hard limit on buildings maybe dependent on a predetermined size of base (Small/Medium/Large). A degradation system for clutter would be nice as well.

Another big problem are the players who always call new cars or trucks to e.g. drive to the next flag instead of gathering and driving together to a point... they organize themselves... die and repeat that... so we had at Provins already 50 cars from each side ! - Server FPS was for a long time at 2 fps 100 players !

what is also often done is that people equip themselves... look on the map where the action is. Commit suicide and respawn at that point !

3 point - I also think the crossplay with the Xbox players leads to laggs as these consoles can't handle the game on 100 player servers - some say they only have 23 fps on medium settings... don't want to know how low the FPS drops on the gaming consoles with all the vehicles and corpses !

This is a major problem that needs to be fixed ASAP

Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Dec 4 2023, 10:52 AM

Any update on this? official servers are still struggling through the mid and end game of matches. Speculation often runs wild as to why server performance drops into single digits, many players believe it's too many A.I barracks, or too many bodies sticking around with full gear sets all over areas that get high levels of combat. Coastal bases (looking at you Chotain, Morton, and Levie) are often littered in bodies by the round end, including FIA forces that were killed early on and seemingly never get cleaned up. This is a pretty big issues on official servers right now and tends to ruin the end of hard fought matches with low server frames, lots of player kicks with replication errors attached, huge lag spikes, and hit reg becomes atrocious. Currently clearing out extra barracks as a group effort by both teams seems to help but the servers never go back to match start performance. I know the player base is frustrated by this and it would be good to hear from y'all, hell join a match on US servers that has been up for a bit and fought over and see for yourself. Conflict is a fun mode and it has a competitive edge to it that i think could really grow into something bigger (Arma 2 Wasteland vibes), but right now the biggest thing holding it back is consistent server performance.

There is a mod called GarbageFixSystem
which works quite well, but I play on a Comminuty server on PBS with 128 player stable


It probably won't be available officially until next year at the end of January or so ... that's my guess

There is a mod called GarbageFixSystem
which works quite well, but I play on a Comminuty server on PBS with 128 player stable


It probably won't be available officially until next year at the end of January or so ... that's my guess

Awesome stuff glad that solutions are in the works. Yeah i figured devs would be on holiday at this point and was not expecting changes. That said if this issue was plaguing DayZ instead, their community would be up in arms and frothing at the mouth for the blood of the devs.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.EditedJan 19 2024, 10:49 PM

January 19th 2024, still nothing updated? Game play on official (players versus players) servers is horrid!

With this bug and having no fix for past several months, Official servers should only use player versus AI only, besides, majority of players prefer player vs AI. In the past, majority of Official servers were only player vs AI, until Reforger.

Blue_Skies added a subscriber: Blue_Skies.EditedJan 20 2024, 7:08 PM

I registered just to +1 this bug and to make a few points.

I've been a Reforger player since the beginning when you'd win the game by capping St. Philippe or St. Pierre via radio capture in the HQ building on Conflict mode. Those were fun days; entire teams stormed the main base for the win.

1.) I respect the devs, and this is the best shooter I've ever played on Xbox.
2.) This is also the buggiest, laggiest game I've ever played on Xbox, and since the early pre-alpha days when everything was in testing, we've always had problems with lag, FPS issues, servers crashing, etc. on the console. Things were getting pretty stable right before the 1.0 release to the point of it playing like a normal stable console multiplayer shooter. You could actually play and not expect official servers to crash.
3.) When 1.0 was released, lag became far worse than even the beginning console days when the game first became available.
4.) Does everyone remember when 1.0 officially came out? I would have to scroll down the page before I could find servers that weren't fully maxed out at 32/32 players. Then, everyone saw how broken this game was and stopped playing it within just a few weeks. Now, we're back to just a few faithful players who like the game despite the constant crashing and unplayable conditions.
5.) 1.0 broke the game. We'd all prefer playing a playable shooter rather than more and more content that keeps breaking playability right when things get to the point of being playable.

Lots of people spent money on this game; I'd think it was probably around the 1.0 release with Helos, but even before that. BI, you've had a long time to make servers playable and stable.

Please stop making new content and finally fix these issues that have been a theme of this game from day one. I have a 1 Gbps fiber connection, never play with any mods, have only ever played on official servers, and I get more lag on this game in 2024 than when I did with a 56k dialup connection way back in my Ghost Recon on PC days in the early 00s.

A playable game would be way more fun at this point, like things were pre-1.0, than helos, AI tents, etc.

Also, I have to digress just a little: Radio capture (where you'd capture the actual radio in the radio tent) felt a lot more tactical to me and a bunch of other folks rather than just walking up on a base and capping it vicinity/domination style with there being zero interaction with anything in the base. But that's a non-issue compared to the lack of playability.

Again, BI, this this is the best Xbox tactical shooter ever made for Xbox IMO. Nice job. But, you've made it unplayable. Please devote more resources to the netcode and spend less time on new content. If that had been done from the beginning, it would have contributed more to the bottom-line revenue anyway.

rogerx added a comment.EditedJan 20 2024, 8:01 PM

What you are more than likely seeing, those playing at the server-end (developers, server hosts, ...) will not be impacted/affected much by this bug, especially if they're poor with tactics. You'll likely realize this with both, community and official servers. Humorous non-critical bugs aside, Bohemia has always been very slow with fixing critical game play bugs, but fast with features completely critically breaking game play. I saw last night, somebody running circles around a platoon, repeatedly winning every fire fight for almost an hour straight. Most players just left by then. Server side playing really ruins the game, especially bugs like this, as there is really no motivation for the developer(s) for readily fixing.

Since they've integrated scoring/rank based functions, us working class people haven't much time for playing games.

@Blue_Skies. 100% agree. I've been on Reforger since day 1 (on PC). Despite all the crap, I stayed with it and loved it (mainly Conflict) for over 18 months. Honestly, I love the helis, but BI shit the bed with 1.0 release. I think they rushed for "business financial reasons" instead of player / game quality reasons and made some very compromised, frankly mind boggling decisions, which have left the game in a poor position right at Christmas / New Years holiday time. I also agree on the radio tuning and the final big battle to capture the enemy main base. THOSE were the days! So much fun! ...but it seems every new release breaks something that used to work and just makes Conflict more frustrating (again, with exception of helis which are awesome), My latest hate (besides performance and the stupid number of AI allowed to spawn) is the ridiculous teleporting fast travel. I'm convinced this was included just to placate noobs.

The issue with performance due to too many AI would've been easily fixed by only allowing 1 of each service type to be built at a base. Surely that should not be too difficult to implement?!

Limited building is a step in the right direction and would help. I think part of the issue is the current "Meta" is to build AI or tear down AI as fast as possible in high combat front line capture points (Entre Deux and Levie, looking at you). Limits would help with part of that problem but really we need some more depth in the attack/capture, defend/repel, cycle.
It doesn't run well when the you have 6 AI barracks up nor does it look good, much less fight good. Destruction would go a long way in helping implement a more interesting dynamic. Some changes to certain capture point locations would help as well. Many are just questionable and there are nearby locations that would logically make more sense and add more interesting combat.
Conflict has a great future but it needs some continued refinement and work, the first step in my mind is having consistent performance. Today i don't think i played on a server that wasn't having issues at one time or another, with one NY server that i honestly have no idea how it was still running the server frames were so bad.

rogerx added a comment.EditedFeb 3 2024, 8:54 PM

In programming, this is something called either bad programming with resources (eg. CPU) or more likely the AI are causing a CPU run bug, more specifically a segmentation fault causing an endless loop with the CPU instructions, with the affect of using all of the CPU resources. Can also occur with computer memory, segmentation fault using all of the memory resources, also known as a memory run.

This whole scenario, with bug and response, is sort of like asking your kids, "Who wrote all over the walls with markers/crayons?" With the children subsequently simply shrugging their shoulders leaving you for cleaning the mess wasting days of your time, only to subsequently occur again. Same thing happens with poor insight of computer hardware while programming, and with communists. Communists love these accidents or oopsies... such as when a (Russian) jet plane accidentally explodes and crashes.

As likely stated prior within this bug, there's likely a CPU or Memory run on the server computer, or a server end CPU/memory resource mismanagement.