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Unplayable lag at peak hours on official
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Since 1.22, official servers have been stuck in the red during peak hours (Servers NY 7600, LA 4296). This lag makes the game unplayable, but before 1.22 the servers did not have this daily, consistent issue. 1.23 released today, and the problem is not solved, it is worse.

Can we please get the net code working again so that we can play during peak hours?


Operating System
Windows 7
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Log into a high population official server and the lag is so severe that every action is delayed

Additional Information

Please discern if this issue can be fixed and if it is due to outside sabotage because the game is not playable at peak hours and requires immediate attention.

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jordan90 created this task.Nov 7 2023, 11:22 PM
jezzz added a subscriber: jezzz.Nov 8 2023, 12:07 AM

Experiencing same issue. Very very unplayable.

Here is a video example of how severe the problem is:

Same issue. Constant and severe. Makes the game unplayable.

DrawingGiant added a subscriber: DrawingGiant.EditedNov 8 2023, 1:30 AM

During this lag, we fall through the map (I have a video), we can't shoot other players. The zombies appear to be walking in place at times and our bullets seem to go through the zombies and not kill them. There has been incidents when the red 3 line symbol appears and everything looks fine but when it goes away, I have sustained damage that wasn't there during the lag. This needs to be fixed asap! The game is unplayable during this time. We can't drive cars, pvp, pve, nothing. We even lag trying to open/close doors and at times we can't interact with the game like open/close doors, drop items, pick up items.

Update: I have added some of my videos to show what's been happening to me. My team and I are pretty upset and having a hard time playing and rebuilding our base because of this lag.

Same issue. Game is currently unplayable in this state. No-clipping through doors, 2-3 second delay on interactions with in game items. Player stuttering / rubberbanding.

DjFlicky added a subscriber: DjFlicky.EditedNov 8 2023, 4:36 AM

Same issue here. Server 1pp NY7561. Zombies stuck everywhere and interactions take forever to complete.

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Nov 8 2023, 9:40 AM

Same issue on LA8363 Playstation

  • Sickle was stuck in my hands, wouldn’t go into inventory and didn’t “drop”. Logged out, restarted DayZ and loaded back in to find the sickle in my inventory and shotgun now in hands.
  • Teammates across the map were experiencing lag spikes simultaneously when we were no where near one another
  • Constant red disconnect symbol after 1.23 update, the same server was so stable prior to the update
  • Position has a high chance of becoming dysnced when hit by an infected (high likelihood of becoming uncon by a zombie that is visually not there)
  • Actions are delayed like picking up items and swapping items in hands
  • During gunfights there is stuttering lag where the players appear to teleport slightly

IE; Getting dysnc after infected hits me

mtz93 added a subscriber: mtz93.EditedNov 8 2023, 10:21 PM

I’m saddened to say that today was the first time in my life my friends and me closed dayz for the rest of the day because it’s literally unplayable with the lags.

Cars will crash because of rubberbanding, can’t hit players because of lag, etc pp

I love high pop servers but this isn’t fun at all. I’d suggest the devs to check if reducing official server player capacity to 30 would be a possible solution to reduce the lag on servers until the devs have found a solution.

It’s literally unplayable.

addashko9997 added a subscriber: addashko9997.EditedNov 9 2023, 12:02 PM

I confirm the issue, all my friends have it too.
Information from my perspective to provide as much detail as possible for the devs:

Tested on multiple DE servers, I am located in Warsaw, 1 gigabit wired fiber connection, My ping to Berlin is 20ms. Xbox Series X console, open NAT.

Issue is present on all official servers when the population exceeds 50 players. I haven't tested it on community servers. When it's around 60, the desync icon rarely goes away. Movement of both zombies and other players is jittery, there's a significant delay to every non-client action, and frequent lag spikes where everything just hangs up for a while.
The issue is less visible right after server restart, but increases the longer the server runs. It is clearly not a connection issue but a server load problem, because the issues happen simultaneously for all players, and also after switching to a less loaded server the game runs perfectly.

Unfortunately this problem makes the game close to unplayable at max population. Until this is fixed, I think Bohemia should do the same thing as it did with ARMA Reforger when it had similar issues- limit the max player count on official servers. Going down to 50 would help tremendously, maybe even 45 just to be safe. This is an easy workaround for the time being. 60 is almost unplayable anyway at the moment, so there's no benefit from servers running at this population.
I think this should be a quick decision as this really hurts the game and the reception of the new update. The issue has been present at least since 1.22 though.

Damca added subscribers: Geez, Damca.Nov 9 2023, 5:06 PM

@Geez Theoretically, can't you go to the dayz developers office and yell at them to fix the f-ing servers already?

Geez added a comment.Nov 9 2023, 5:10 PM

Hello everyone.
Do you experience these lags in specific areas or during certain conditions (rain, night, day, players are nearby etc) or are you experincing this regardless of anything like this, besides the 50 players mark?

Hello everyone.
Do you experience these lags in specific areas or during certain conditions (rain, night, day, players are nearby etc) or are you experincing this regardless of anything like this, besides the 50 players mark?

It's constant, it is not intermittent and the red server stress icon is present the entire time. The lag occurs during peak time hours roughly 5pm EST-10pm EST. This has actually been an issue since 1.22 released, it is not a new issue.

The severity is the same regardless of area, conditions or anything else, except for player count and time since last restart.

DrawingGiant added a comment.EditedNov 9 2023, 6:55 PM

Hello everyone.
Do you experience these lags in specific areas or during certain conditions (rain, night, day, players are nearby etc) or are you experincing this regardless of anything like this, besides the 50 players mark?

This happens consistent no matter what we are doing or the area, its on the entire server, during a high pop server.

We had people Zellenogorsk, Tisy, NWAF, and freshies on the coast in our group and everyone was experiencing the problem the entire time we were trying to play.

I posted two videos on this issue and both show the red three horizontal lines error symbol and that stays the entire time during the problems. When its yellow, it's a little better but red is unplayable.

jezzz added a comment.Nov 9 2023, 11:52 PM

Agree with the others. No specific in-game event seems to be the cause. It's constant.

Hello everyone.
Do you experience these lags in specific areas or during certain conditions (rain, night, day, players are nearby etc) or are you experincing this regardless of anything like this, besides the 50 players mark?

As the other players mentionned, its pretty constant whenever the player count exceeds 50. There was like 2 or 3 zombies nearby that would lag and get stuck to doors/walls but thats about it. It was dusk and i was the only player nearby (that i know of at least).

jezzz added a comment.Nov 10 2023, 2:10 PM

I've also noticed that server restarts happen much much faster. Perhaps some cleanup cron isn't running properly?

Yeah same here. I play LA 1pp or MI 1pp officials. The lag is horrible. Even when running around out in the forests, l will get lag and stuttering like I'm in Cherno surrounded by bases. Cmon devs, help us out here. Skybox is gorgeous, but honestly? Don't know if it was worth it. . .

Damca added a comment.Dec 1 2023, 12:28 PM

@Geez any updates on this?

Since the last patch, US NY 7600 xbox official and other high population servers are now playable at peak hours and don't have the red server icon constantly.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in their 2 cents and helped.

Damca added a comment.Dec 19 2023, 9:32 PM

I just played on the server DayZ EU - DE 1297 (1st Person Only), and the issue is still there. It's not happening consistently though, yesterday the server was full and the yellow server icon barely appeared at all. Right now though there's about 50 players and its unplayable again with the red server icon :/

ScoffOfDisgust added a subscriber: ScoffOfDisgust.EditedMon, Feb 5, 4:08 AM

From about 3pm to 12pm every server I play on is very laggy with huge delays with everything from bullet hits to opening doors. This has been very consistent for a long time now. This makes the game unplayable because I don't want to get into any fights with players or zombies.. I love the added content with every update but if I could give it all up for the best performance, I would. Being the competitive nature of the game, DayZ has a huge demand for smooth gameplay and fairness. It's devastating to have spent hours building up a character, getting into a shoot-out and not having shots register, doors not responding when you need cover, zombies glitching all over the place, guns having a delay on reloads etc.
I love this game. But it's a huge hassle having to situate my play time in the early mornings or the graveyard hours.
There must be something the devs can do to balance the servers more during times of high traffic? I feel like the game is only getting more popular so I suspect this is only going to get worse.

Chip_Douglas added a subscriber: Chip_Douglas.EditedSat, Feb 10, 8:46 AM

Yes yes this is true on community servers as well. Once the server reaches 42-50 the red server icon comes on and ruins everyone's fun. Please Help Us, we love the game so much, but this hurts real bad. This has been happeneing since 1.23