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selectThrowable fails on some grenade types
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player selectThrowable "O_IR_Grenade" fails when executed on a BLUFOR unit. Other grenade types seem to work fine. "B_IR_Grenade" also works fine.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create mission with B_Rifleman_F.
  2. Execute player addMagazine "O_IR_Grenade".
  3. Execute player selectThrowable "O_IR_Grenade". Command fails. Using "Cycle Throw Items" (CTRL-G by default on Apex control scheme) selects the grenade just fine.
Additional Information

This seems to fail for any IR grenades for a different side than the unit's. INDP grenades also fail to select.

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It works if you select the muzzle instead. Gonna have a look why mag is not resolved

Should be fixed in Revision: 151086

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Fixed in Dev build 151218.