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[1.21 Stable] - (Desynchronization) - Ammo stacks and Magazine Fill Level set to Full When Transferring Between Players
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I don't have a definite reproduction for this yet, but maybe you guys might know what 1.21 change is causing this.

Since 1.21 release, we have received frequent reports of desynchronization between players in terms of the size of ammunition stacks and the amount of ammunition reported inside magazines. I encountered both of these issues after taking an MP5-k magazine and a stack of .357 out of another player's clothing. Both the magazine (15/15) and the stack (20/20) showed they were "full". Upon emptying the mag or splitting the ammo stack, you see the true amount. Reconnecting also fixes the reported quantities.

Thanks for having a look.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

To my knowledge, the reproduction currently seems random, but when I get some time I will try to force it.

  • Take magazine or ammo stack from another player
  • Observe if the mag or stack are full. Be sketpical.
  • Empty the mag or split the ammo stack to see the true quantity.
Additional Information

Videos demonstrating the bug:


Ammo stack:

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You will also see this with Weapon conditions. I had a badly dmg gun (BK43), dropped on ground for another player - it was pristine for him. I died and later met up with him. He gave the gun back - still pristine. I relog - the condition is updated to badly damaged again.

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Can confirm this is occurring and I would assume it's also the culprit for the widespread "ghost bullets" issue that's ongoing currently. I've been given several video's of players emptying magazines on players point blank, having no effect. Please fix :)

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Can also confirm happening on both our servers, only since 1.21

Can provide lots of clips similar to this

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Resolved in the upcoming hotfix.

Can also confirm happening on both our servers, only since 1.21 geometry dash lite
Can provide lots of clips similar to this

Several videos of players unloading magazines on other players have been sent to me.