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AI fired SACLOS missiles don't lose target track after gunner dies
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AI fired SACLOS missiles (e.g. Vorona) behave like "fire and forget" missiles when fired by AI. This leads to the situation where the missile continues to track and hit the target if the gunner is killed after firing. It's a minor issue but would add greatly to immersion.

Perhaps a possible solution could be to enable countermeasure-like response behaviour of the missile when the gunner is killed? i.e. the missile could behave like the target has popped smoke and lose track. I don't know the technicalities of doing this though.

@veteran29 offered a more technically informed solution on the Arma 3 discord:

What you want would need most likely an CfgAmmo flag that tells the game to stop the missile from tracking the target after the firer dies.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

In the editor:

  1. Place a missile unit with a SACLOS weapon, e.g. O_Soldier_HAT_F
  2. Place a target vehicle for the unit to safely shoot at, and give the target a waypoint 2km away
  3. When the missile unit fires the missile, kill the unit via debug console missileUnit setDamage 1
  4. Missile should continue to track and hit the target

Probably best to use a target that either can't deploy a smokescreen or has had its smokescreen ammo/launcher removed.

Additional Information

This change would be especially relevant to CDLCs and mods that have more SACLOS systems.

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