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Set Markers Above command request
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Would nice have commands to be able bring "marker 1" fore relative to "marker 2"

"Marker1" setMarkerAbove      "Marker2";
"Marker1" setMarkerAboveLocal "Marker2";


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Windows 11 x64
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TRAGER created this task.Mar 19 2023, 8:37 AM

Does deleting and re-creating the marker again helps to bring it to foreground?

Otherwise, you can use drawRectangle/drawEllipse to manually draw the markers that you need to change order for.

Of course deleting and creating new ones will help. But I am faced need to place Marker1 on top of Marker2 but under Marker3 and I would like to use a comfortable script command for this

dedmen set Ref Ticket to AIII-55620.Mar 20 2023, 11:58 AM

Revision: 150361 setMarkerDrawPriority / markerDrawPriority

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TRAGER added a comment.Apr 6 2023, 7:59 AM

I just wanted to suggest you to add an attribute to the marker style settings for this commands, but I noticed that my commands from config of my mod do not work properly

My mod adds a new class to:

  • Cfg3DEN → Marker → AttributeCategories → Style → Attributes
class drawPriority
	displayName="ToDo: Localize - displayName";
	tooltip="ToDo: Localize - tooltip";
	expression="_this setMarkerDrawPriority _value;";
	defaultValue="markerDrawPriority _this";


In this new attribute for MarkerOne i set value 0.1, and leave MarkerTwo with the default value 0

In test mission:
markerDrawPriority "MarkerOne"→ returns 0.1
markerDrawPriority "MarkerTwo"→ returns 0

But MarkerOne is still under of MarkerTwo

  1. DrawPriority was not move MarkerOne up in Eden, seems we can not do anything with marker if (is3DEN)
  2. and DrawPriority was not move MarkerOne up during Test Mission
BIS_fnc_KK added a comment.EditedApr 6 2023, 9:52 AM

Please add several markers with default names provided by 3den e.g xxx_0, xxx_1 etc, and post allMapMarkers result, then change priority via your mod and post allMapMarkers result.

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Then I change marker_8 priority to 0.5
allMapMarkers result:


thanks looks all wrong I will have a look

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should work in Revision: 150460

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Ok i was able to get my mod attribute work but with one problem:
seems if iam leave value of the attribute by default (do not change it) then I will not be able to move markerOne above markerTwo untill change the value of markerTwo to any
Though I don't know if it's a error in command or Eden attributes or even in my mod's configuration

see my repro vido, my steps with my mod

  1. create markerOne and MarkerTwo, markerTwo is above by default
  2. change value in moded attribute of MarkerOne to 0.1, this marker is expected to be in the foreground and it is judging by the markerDrawPriority but its not
  3. ok, I change the priority of MarkerOne to 0.2 to make sure the result is the same, it's still in the background
  4. Now MarkerTwo, I changed its priority to 0.1 and it finally works: MarkerOne a foreground MarkerTwo

Even if you change the priority of MarkerTwo back to 0 again, markerOne will still be in priority as expected. Therefore, it seems to me that the problem is in the default values though don’t know what kind
Can you help with this or do something about it?

Hi, I need to see what happens with allMapMarkers in that video every step of the way

  1. i want marker_0 to foreground of marker_1 allMapMarkers result:["marker_0","marker_1","marker_2","marker_3","marker_4","marker_5","marker_6","marker_7","marker_8"]
  2. I set the priority of marker_0 to 0.1 ["marker_0","marker_1","marker_2","marker_3","marker_4","marker_5","marker_6","marker_7","marker_8"]
  3. set priority of marker_0 to 0.2 ["marker_0","marker_1","marker_2","marker_3","marker_4","marker_5","marker_6","marker_7","marker_8"]
  4. now I set priority of marker_1 to 0.1 ["marker_1","marker_0","marker_2","marker_3","marker_4","marker_5","marker_6","marker_7","marker_8"]

there were no changes in the array until I changed the priority of the second marker using the attribute

BIS_fnc_KK added a comment.EditedApr 22 2023, 7:09 PM

What happens if you change priority with delay? or waitUntil is3DENPreview

I changed the expression by this code and yep, its works as expected

[_this,_value] spawn { params['_this','_value']; waitUntil {is3DENPreview}; _this setMarkerDrawPriority _value; };

Is it possible to modify the setMarkerDrawPriority command so users don't have to do workarounds like this?
And do you want to include this new Eden Editor attribute to the vanilla game?

I need a repro not involving a mod then I could look at it

oh no, I don't know how I can get this kind of problem without creating a new class in Eden's config i.e. without creating a mod

BIS_fnc_KK added a comment.EditedApr 23 2023, 10:03 PM

I looked it up and in order make eden support this feature new attribute needs to be added and then it needs to be synced with the rest of attributes and add ui priority box and then localize and and... Basically too much work. So chances are it wont be done so you just have to make sure you use this command in mission, i.e. after allMapMarkers is populated

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