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help me gives the error 0x0000dead
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I don't know what to do


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
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Yarik created this task.Wed, Mar 8, 7:12 AM
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You have a fatal error (you can google it). In short you might get more help on the arma discord. They will probably request your crash file which is located in something like this System drive (usually C) > user > appdata > local > Arma 3 [.rpt file]

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First try to verify files via Steam if that doesn't help try reinstalling the game, might be corrupted files.

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Or better Your logs show that "The cloud file provider is not running."

So try this if it helps.

  1. Create folder named test on another drive than C drive.
  2. Start Arma 3 Launcher.
  3. Go to Parameters>All Parameters>Advanced>Profile folder.
  4. Tick Profile folder and select folder test on your drive which you have created already.
  5. Click on Play button in Launcher and game should boot into main menu in default settings.

Btw @Yarik are you by chance user @ebretag? Because your logs are suspiciously similar. Please refrain from creating separate tickets for the same issue from separate accounts it just creates more chaos.

Thank you.

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ErrorMessage: The cloud file provider is not running.
is a common error.
The cloud file provider is not running into google and follow any guide to fix your Microsoft OneDrive.