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Game will not run properly after x3 reinstalls. "can't find '58D0FB3206B6F859' addon! Check setup guidelines!"
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I get these:

"can't find '58D0FB3206B6F859' addon! Check setup guidelines!"

and my favorite:

Please check log file for more information: 'C\Users\TheOverseer\Documents\MyGames\ArmaReforger\profile\console.log'

Console Log:

Log C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile\console.log started at 2023-03-03 09:00:42 (2023-03-03 17:00:42 UTC)

09:00:42:864 ENGINE : FileSystem: Adding relative directory 'C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile' to filesystem under name profile
09:00:42:865 ENGINE : Initializing engine.
09:00:42:866 ENGINE (E): Addon '58D0FB3206B6F859' not found
09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Cannot initialize game project settings!
09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Unable to initialize Enfusion
09:03:03:885 ENGINE : Game destroyed.

I work in facilites management, I am a medium level tech savvy person. As you can see, this was somehow posted in arma 3 and not reforger.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Run Game

Right click on toolbar icon for reforger

receive messsages

Additional Information

Any help would be appreciated. I would be more patient if the game was free.

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Hello TacticalJesus.
Are you running any mods? And have you tried to verify the game data through Steam? Make sure Steam Cloud Sync is disabled prior doing so.

It does that to my install on change of specific video settings. FidelityFX Super Resolution or PPAA, but not consistently. One time it did that after i launched clear install and changed settings to Ulara through drop down menu and then increased PPAA once. Other time i didn't use Ultra preset but did everything manually, at this time change of PPAA did not trigger the issue but FidelityFX Super Resolution did.
To make Reforger working again i remove profile folder in the user's Documents folder. It then let me launch the game, but obviously all the settings are reverted back to default, which is annoying.
Just to add to confusion it seems that there are no such issue on other machines where i have Reforger installed.