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<classname> canVehicleCargo <classname>
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Similar to T169481. It would be nice to have an alternative syntax for supplying classnames to canVehicleCargo.
Trying to create static lists of vehicles that can be carry is not pleasant when we have the create the vehicle to check against another vehicle. Problems can arise when your mission has to support large mods, and spawning in every vehicle to check if they can be cargo is very tedious, and down right annoying when two objects spawn each other.



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canVehicleCargo doesn't just depend on the class
It also depends on the mass (which can be adjusted per instance by script), the other cargo inside the vehicle, if there is space in the vehicle (for this the model needs to be loaded to check the memory points)
so you'd essentially have to spawn a invisible vehicle internally, run the check against it and delete it again.

Yes that'd be better than you spawning it, but not much more performant.

Ah, no worries then, want to mark this as resolved then? I'll just go make do with some real bounding box calculations then.

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Closing for now as it seems to be resolved, can reopen if needed.