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Feedback on new 1.20 ambient sounds
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Hey! So the changes to ambient sounds in 1.20 were a great idea, particularly the bird sounds, they add a really nice touch and make the world feel much more alive and believable.

I have some feedback regarding the other sounds though, specifically the tree creaking sound. It just plays wayyy too often and it's way too loud when it is windy in game, which is the vast majority of the time. If you were to run through a forest all you hear is just trees making constant creaking sounds really loudly and very very frequently. IRL this just doesn't happen, at least not to this extent. It's actually quite annoying and goofy sounding in my opinion currently. The tree creak also somewhat detracts from the bird sounds as they become much less noticeable.

I think it could be good to quite significantly reduce the loudness of the creaking sound, aswell as reducing its frequency.

I also think a nice touch would be to make the bird sounds play in more locations, such as towns or cities, rather than just trees. Realistically birds are all over the place, they chill out on rooftops all the time, especially in an apocalypse scenario, towns and cities would be full of birds. But in game atm you don't really hear any birds or anything else in bigger towns / cities, just wind...So I think it would be a really awesome change and bring some more life and immersion to the environment.

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I noticed the trees were creaking too often and too loudly last night as well. It's not just that its different that bothered me, it was too loud with my headphones on and constant.

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I haven't had much experience with the new sounds yet, but what I have experienced it felt like it was just a constant loop.

Needs variation, both in timing and loudness.
In strong winds, instead of just creaking, have the sound of branches breaking.
and instead of only creaks, if you're running in the woods, have the sound of loud sticks cracking under your feet. if you're crouched less chance of smaller sticks cracking.

Most importantly

Birds stop making sounds AS SOON AS A BULLET IS FIRED in 500m radius.

so I can use this to predict when I am being fired at, before the bullet lands.

Wobo made a video about it too, i guess it is that obvious

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Most importantly

Birds stop making sounds AS SOON AS A BULLET IS FIRED in 500m radius.

Just to note... 500m RADIUS..
That's 500 meters in all directions.. That can cover multiple towns in some areas.
Even if you try to use the audio cue to try to move, human reaction time is slower than the bullet even with the slowest bullet travel.

The best use I can think of for this, is scouting out an air field hoping someone is suppress shooting zeds. Though.. who's going to the air field thinking no one is around..

Oh yeah, I‘m sure every player is now sitting in the woods and listening to the bird sounds 🙄

There are really much more important bugs and problems DayZ has…

I would like to add...The birds stopping their sounds as soon as somebody shoots has been a thing for years, since the game released into 0.63 at minimum. WOBO only just covered it now but that doesn't mean its a new feature. I agree that its a bit janky, but it has never effected the game before so it really wont now imo.