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1.20 Exp eye zoom, Stamina loss
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I haven't played in over a week.. So this may have changed, or will be in stable changed..
I'm OK with the new mechanic, but there is some minor changes I'd like to see... 👀

But the sharpness of the cut from full eye zoom, to reduced is quite harsh..

Is there a way the zoom level could gradually reduce as your stamina reduces... then if you're still running and pressing the eye zoom it gradually regains..
In the current state, at least last week... The zoom cuts really quick, and is a bit immersion breaking (sure eye zoom is immersion breaking too) but the harsh quick cut from 100% to 30%(guessing the value)..
Also, when you're out of stamina and you're still holding eye zoom, it'll cut back to zoomed and not zoomed quickly which is really harsh and annoying.



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Just revert the change completely, an unnecessary change that was only made for the sake of realism and it just frustrates the player, pointless.

I don't understand why being able to eye zoom while sprinting is seen as an issue, I'm all for increasing the level of realism in DayZ but if there was any area to do that in it's not here.

Eye zoom is a necessary feature for the game and being able to focus on something while sprinting is just one of those things we have to suspend our disbelief over, just like we do for the zombies/infected. Tying the features mechanics to the players movement or even stamina bar just slows down the gameplay for no good reason.

I never found the old eye zoom immersion breaking either as once you understand how it works and get used to it, it would only occur when you pressed an input, so it doesn't take you out of the moment, whereas like you say now it just automatically zooms you out when empty on stamina, or even when you alternate between sprinting and jogging, which is not only immersion breaking but downright annoying.

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I really like the eye zoom change.

I also like the idea of it being progressive based on stamina, as I like to manage my weight/stamina closely.

Perhaps its one of those features that could be toggleable at a server settings level, if not already, so server owners can choose to disable it.

I believe it is toggleable with server settings which is nice, but it's a shame that this will affect the vanilla game.

I feel like the idea of progressive zoom based on stamina sounds nice in theory, as someone who likes to manage weight/stamina, but I cannot imagine a situation where the second I press sprint and my screen starts slowly zooming out, out out out and out until my stamina is empty and now I cannot zoom at all, then it slowly zooms back in, in in in and in, to be anything other than tedious. How could you ever focus your eyes on something when the screen is constantly moving? You'd get some kind of headache/nausea no doubt.

I'm curious though what do you like about the change? I can't see any positives to it at all.

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