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DayZ 1.19 Experimental movement issues
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I've been playing experimental for quite a while now, the first and most radical thing I've noticed, was that the character movement is now much worse. You can't turn normally, feels like your character is sliding and when inside a building, you get stuck on many surfaces and sometimes you can't even navigate between rooms and fail to get out of them, as you can't turn normally.

I think the character movement was just fine in the previous version, I don't think that this new movement system should be implemented like this.


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Benoveno created this task.Sep 24 2022, 1:23 PM
lemmac added a subscriber: lemmac.Sep 24 2022, 3:13 PM

always a case of great ideas, poor implementation

Krisu added a subscriber: Krisu.Sep 24 2022, 3:31 PM

Agreed. The character movement in previous versions was just good imo. Sacrificing the normal character movement to make zigzagging harder is just not worth it. Many people dislike it and many people like it... its 50/50 and i really dont think its worth it to change it. Maybe just keep the old movement and give servers the option to switch to the new movement?

I don't think it's fair to judge the inertia while it's still so buggy, if the inertia was only applied to sprinting like it's intended to, and our characters didn't get stuck inside every random object, the movement would feel much better. I think in that case the inertia would be a positive change for the game.

I play a lot of Tarkov, which has a very similar feeling inertia system so it really didn't take me long to adjust to the new 1.19 movement. You can sort of get around it by getting more used to turning using the mouse rather than A and D. I do however think it is just too extreme. Inertia is good, it makes the game feel much more modern and believable but the characters at the moment just feel slightly too unresponsive overall. I think if you slice down the severity of it by like 30-40% it will be just perfect. The character slowing down on steep hills and stairs is great though, spot on

I agree with what ItzMike said too. The change is good but a bit too extreme. The thing that it takes a bit longer to get full speed when sprinting is good, and when you stop it takes a bit longer to stop and these 2 are good. I think the slowness when turning with A and D is a bit extreme right now indeed... and i think many people would also be ok if it just got sliced down with 30-40% so it would be perfect. I personally would just prefer it as it was before but if it gets changed back at least a little bit that would be enough for me.

Another is that i think it is pretty weird to make it that servers can change it back to what it was before. Like the fact that the movement can feel different in different servers is kinda weird imo

Ingal added a subscriber: Ingal.Sep 25 2022, 9:47 AM

The movement is good. Although the issue with getting stuck in objects needs to get fixed. Your character shouldn't be able to zig zag as in previous patches. But the issue with getting stucked needs to get fixed ASAP.

I also get like micro jittering when sprinting for the most part. Like the character is further ahead, but gets rolled back in micro steps, creating micro jittering like the character has a bad case of parkinson's or something...

Very good implementation for going up steep hills and stairs. Feels solid!

I don't agree that it is too extreme with the movement, it's solid and I wouldn't recommend having an option to set to the old system or new system. The devs should stand for what type of game it is, I am sure there will be a mod which enable the old system, but the vanilla game should have the new system as it's the way the devs intended the game to be played. Running in a field doing ninja stuff don't belong in Dayz IMO.
Same goes with the stun animation when getting shot. A shame they almost removed completely...

And remember kids, don't be so afraid for change. Just adapt and overcome.

Geez changed the task status from New to Reviewed.Sep 25 2022, 11:23 PM