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Composition Issue with both variants of CH-67 Huron and Falcon Drone Texture/Material Issue
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Both variants of the huron armed and unarmed are unable to have their opposite camo applied with green or black as when placed down as compositions they return to normal this also happens when attempting to have material/textures on them.

The falcon drone when placed down looks completely normal when having a texture/material applied to it but when you move further away it will return to is normal texture.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

The hurons simply save a composition with the different camo or use a script command to change their looks then place now in the editor and they will be in their original textures.

The falcon drone requires you to give it a colour/texture command on it then place down in the editor and either drive or walk around 300metres from it to see it return back to the normal NATO texture and when you get closer slowly turn back into the colour/texture you applied on it.

Additional Information

Screenshots below to show the issues in practice.

Falcon Drone

(Both falcon drones and other vehicles in the image use the same command to change the colour)


(Front hurons should be the opposite camos, middle normal, and back with a command to change the colour)

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