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Specific objects's attributes with on-"Simple Object" and off-"Enable Simulation" not working on dedi server
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Vanilla assets with attributes work fine with disabled simulation or when object is "simple" on the host server

But on a dedicated server, we get completely non-working assets

For now, the most popular solution to this problem is the object's init field
However, it would be nice to get rid of this solution and be able to work the attributes of "simple" objects and objects with disabled simulation on Dedicated servers

See YT video
repromission from video:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
win11 21H2
Steps To Reproduce

See YT video
repromission from video:

  1. spawn 3 objects with attributes, for example Rugged Portable Desk (Sand) class Land_PortableDesk_01_sand_F
  2. for 1st object only active the "Hide left wing" checkbox
  3. for 2nd disable "Enable Simulation" and active the "Hide left wing" checkbox
  4. for 3rd enable "Simple Object" and active the "Hide left wing" checkbox
  5. launch mission Dedicated server, you can see that the changes made using commands from attributes did not work on the objects. ✘✘✘✘
  6. launch mission Host server, now all commands are exec successfully and the changes accepted ✓all ok here✓

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