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Customising an unarmed Qilin or Prowler causes the armed variant's additions to appear in the Editor
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If you open a Qilin (Unarmed) or Prowler (Unarmed) in the Editor vehicle customiser, it will appear to have the minigun or HMG turret and additional ammo crates afterwards (and the commander's MG in the case of the Prowler). The turret appears when the vehicle is initialised after being modified, for example by copying and pasting it or by reloading the mission in the Editor.

There is no apparent gameplay impact and the additions are not visible when actually playing the mission. Vehicles affected can still be filled to their unarmed capacity with passengers, despite having some seats visually blocked by crates.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a Qilin (Unarmed).
  2. Rightclick > Customise, then immediately exit the customiser by clicking OK.
  3. Copy and paste the vehicle you've just modified. Note that the newly-pasted vehicle appears to have a minigun.
  4. Place a playable unit and launch the mission.
  5. Note that neither vehicle has a minigun in the live mission.
  6. Return to the Editor. Note that the original vehicle has now also gained a minigun.
  1. (optional) Repeat with a Prowler (Unarmed).

It's not necessary to actually change anything about the vehicle to cause this - just opening the customiser and then clicking OK is enough.

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