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Graphics Settings Exploit For PVPers
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The game looks amazing with the graphics turned up in the High Preset. However, with LOW preset and a few tweaks to the environment, players can give themselves a competitive advantage in spotting enemies that would not otherwise be realistic. This becomes a major issue in game modes that feature PVP, often resulting in certain exploits becoming necessary to remain competitive.

In the image below, a squad is placed in the tree line. With graphics settings on high, the game is very beautiful and immersive, and the squad is not very visible. With graphics on low, with environmental details lowered or disabled, the squad is clearly seen. This causes a discrepancy between players who play the game with high settings vs players who turn them off. The former is confused why they are being shot while hiding in the grass.

It is not clear what the solution would be since this is an industry wide issue. Perhaps I would question the need for such low terrain details with todays modern hardware and enfusions good performance.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Video settings
  2. Use LOW preset
  3. Turn all environmental details to lowest setting.
Additional Information

Other examples have been noted pertaining to night time, whereby players can turn up their gamma setting for free NV:

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