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SEVERE- Putting vehicle hull in turret storage causes severe memory leak issue and locks up the game
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Putting the BTR hull into the turret storage causes severe memory leak issue and locks up the game. It also crashes when you do it with the M2-browning Jeep.

Furthermore It locks up any server you are on, with the server needing to be restarted. If the autosave coincides with the memory leak, the server profile needs to be deleted and a new one created.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get into BTR/Jeep
  2. Get into gunner seat or otherwise access turret storage
  3. Go above in the storage structure where you can see both turret and vehicle storage side by side
  4. Drag vehicle storage into turret storage
  5. Game freezes and RAM usage exponentially increases until the pc/server freezes up.
Additional Information

This really seems ripe to be abused by griefers, plisses fix.

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Andrew_Bones added a subscriber: Andrew_Bones.EditedMay 24 2022, 4:54 PM

Sooner or later, some bored soldier decides to put storage, into another storage.

Jokes aside, can confirm this can be easily reproduced in Game Master too. The game freezes up but you are able to exit to the main menu at least.

If done in multiplayer - RIP server.

I am also amazed that the turret disappears if you do it vice versa - it seems the vehicles are somewhat modular which is interesting.

Oh yeah I would love more modularity in Reforger and Arma4, and all signs point towards it as well.

And its the MAS-36 with the bayonet lugs all over again.

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Thank you for the report Fflluuffyy.
This is a known issue and we are already working on a fix.

Thanks for the prompt reply Geez, and its awesome y'all are already working on a fix. This sort of close communication with the community is also really appreciated, so thanks again!.

tested in appears to now be fixed

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