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Keybinds cannot be cleared / Cannot bind mouse inputs
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You cannot clear a keybind if you don't wish for it to be bound, DEL or ESC just bind said keys. No contextual hint on how to do this.

Can't seem to bind any mouse inputs either, left/right/MM/side buttons don't register as inputs.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Open Options > Controls > Character
Try to clear "Prone" (no option) so you can bind "Prone or stand"
Binding both to the same key gives no warning that you've double bound keys

Open Options > Controls > Equipment
Select Toggle sights
Press any mouse key
Nothing registers

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Workaround until fixed for all bindings is to download the tools and edit the .chimeraUserInput.conf file. Need to bind something else first for the specific keybind to appear in there:

Would like to add that you also cannot bind key combinations or designate a binding as a double tap