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RestApi::GetContext() returning invalid pointer
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On the release version of Arma Reforger the built-in RestApi seems to be generally available, however, any context created out of it results in an invalid pointer.

PrintFormat("g_Game = %1", g_Game); //Game instance, works
PrintFormat("rest = %1", g_Game.GetRestApi()); //RestApi instance, works
PrintFormat("context = %1", g_Game.GetRestApi().GetContext("domain.tld")); //Prints INVALID

I tried domains for the GetContext call with and without http(s)://. In DayZ this used to work just fine.
Is there something we need to do to get this working? Is it only available in a certain lifecycle phase of the game? Or is it just a bug?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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I have exactly the same problem

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We need this API ! It's very important for us to dev. A link with a data base !

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The invalid pointer problem was solved, the get_now variants are still not exactly working as intended (s. but I think since that has its separate ticket this here can be considered resolved @Geez

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