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Dead bodies hanging in the air if the building was destroyed
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Inside house any dead bodies above the ground floor will remain floating in the air, if this building has been destroyed.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. kill on the second floor any soldier
  2. destroy this building, by means explosives
Additional Information

Since regdoll has a limited work time, the simplest solution would be to remove any corpse from any floor above the first if that building is destroyed

Event Timeline

Should be fixed in 149354

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Should be fixed in 149354

dude, I love you, Thank you!

there is more work to be done though like weaponholders they float in the air at the moment

I'm not using the dev version, I hope in the next stable build, this will no longer be.


Is it even possible to make a ragdoll without a time limit? So that each corpse always responds to external influences (weapon inpacts, environment morphing)
If the ragdoll had no time limit, then this problem wouldn't exist.

not really, this is done to optimise performance