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DayZ freezing black screen, after Alt Tabbing and keeping the game unfocused for a short period of 2 mins. Occassional crashes upon trying to start the game right after.
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extremely common bug!

if you alt tab, and keep the game out of focus for over, lets say... 2 minutes, without coming back to it and alt tabbing out again.

Keeping it unfocused for a while, makes the game freeze blackscreen, requiring a crash to restart.

Been like this since 1.16, maybe even before cant remember.

The option of rendering sound + graphics in backround does nothing regarding this issue, both in 1.16 and 1.17

best way to 'combat' this is to return the focus to the game real quick after about 30 seconds of alt tab, to ''refresh'' the timer prior crash then alt tab again and continue whatever alt tabbed action i was doing on my pc.

keeping the game out of focus on alt tab for about 5 minutes is guranteed black screen freeze, unable to return to the game.

Afterwards a common occurance is launching the game resulting in 2 times or once of it freezing mid load of the game itself, requiring yet again crashing.
Once or twice like that, after the alt tab related crash, and then it returns to normal.

I have attached the logs it always posts when those occured, of 2 instances, one fatter the other one lighter. Hope it will be useful :)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

Alt tab while in the game, even in the menu itself prior joining a server.
Be in the game itself or in a server already alive.

Alt tab for 5 minutes, return to the game from unfocused alt tab just by clicking on it as you would normally by returning the focus to it

black screen frozen, requiring ctrl alt delete crash

Afterwards, you might quite often experience a struggle to launch the game for the first 2 times, or once. After such alt tab related freeze.
You just start the game again, and as it starts with it loading, and blackscreen, same crash.
Just rinse and repeat once or twice then it will be all normal.

Additional Information

Playing on fullscreen, incase that means something related to it.

Modded, yet it was an issue on vanilla as well since back 1.16.

Render graphics + sound option doesn't contribute anything to it.

I love you

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Hello alexsys.
Can you please provide a dxdiag file? Also, are you running any mods? Does this occur on the vanilla version of the game?
And does this problem persist upon doing the following?

Verify the game data through Steam and delete the configuration files when prompted to do so (make sure Steam cloud sync is disabled for DayZ before doing this) - you can also delete the config files manually by clearing the C:\Users\*username*\Documents\DayZ folder

Open the DayZ launcher
Select PARAMETERS menu
scroll down and check "Bulldozer" parameter
Launch the game
Once launched, close the game
Uncheck bulldozer
Launch the game again without any parameters



Will update you on the parameters reset, but I'm PRETTY CERTAIN I've already passed this, since its a very old issue, came along since I've even reinstalled the game fresh, after patch 1.17.

But will try parameters reset, and will update you on that!

@alexsys mentioned they were playing fullscreen. I can confirm I get this issue in fullscreen, but can ALT-TAB for hours in Windowed mode without any issue. Would prefer to play in fullscreen though due to better performance, overall.

I have discovered the reason. Nvidia Game filters.

Nvidia Game Filters has a serious bug with DayZ itself, like no other game.

This issue, described in my report is ONLY occuring with Fullscreen DayZ with Nvidia Game Filters enabled.
As soon as that happens, alt tab from the game for longer than 5 minutes, and that results in this freeze that causes 2 bugged launched game instances following the freeze being forced to crash.

I use a filter of Sharpen, all normal and dandy, yet just the Filter feature being enabled, causes the game to flop in Alt tabbed mode for some reason, if kept out tabbed for too long.
Like it stops the backround rendering completly with Nvidia Filters turned on.

I'd like to change this report then, to direct this specific issue that I see...

It's not that default dayz has an alt tab issue, but DayZ has an odd interaction with Nvidia Game filters that cause bugged tabbing out with filters enabled. Other than that the game runs alright with filters. :)

@sanguine00 I assume you also run a filter?