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Cannot skin and quarter Hen
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I killed a hen and put it in my bag to cut later. Tried removing to cut up and did not work. Unsure if this due to putting in inventory or if hens just broken atm. I see the option to cut up appear for a millisecond then it disappears and only lets me pick up.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Kill hen
  2. Place in inventory.
  3. Move hen to ground
  4. Attempt to cut with knife.

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Jarheadb created this task.Mar 26 2022, 2:12 AM
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I've been seeing this happen for a while as well.

Until it's fixed, I've found the following method quite effective as a temporary workaround:

Go prone, with your body pointing toward the chicken's head. Look at the head in 1pp, and the action icons will show up.

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Hello Jarheadb.
We have been testing the issue based on your report but unfortunately we have been unable to produce this on our end. Is there any other info you could provide that could help us in producing the issue?

I'm also getting this issue quite often. In most of the cases it happens when I have already a hen in the inventory. Try this to reproduce:

  1. Kill a hen.
  2. Put it in the inventory.
  3. Kill another hen.
  4. Attempt to cut it with knife or take the hen.