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Sound source, as it were, on your position
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dev 2.13.150692
It might be related to maybe

If there is a helicopter sound source near you then if we go into the sound settings, change the device or update it, then this heli sound is like near us (or 2d)
see YT video

We can move very far from the sound source, but the sound is still '2d' and until the sound distance goes beyond the config limits or re-join the server


Operating System
Windows 11 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

see YT video

  1. place player in Editor
  2. place any helicopter in the fly
  3. start mission, come closer to heli
  4. go sound settings
  5. press UPDATE or change device
  • move on terrain and change the direction of view to make sure that the sound is like 2D

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I wrote this ticket when I got this bug standing next to a tank on Arma 3 v2.08
But today Arma 2.13 Dev and I can't get that effect on tanks and cars, only with helicopters